Rohto Cool 40α Eye Drops Review ロートクール40α


I don't really use eye drops but was really intrigued when I read somewhere that this brand of eye drops is like 'crack for you eyes'. This is a different variant from what I read about, but this was the one that was easily available to me.

Enter Rohto Cool 40α Eye Drops

Rohto Cool 40α Eye Drops
It's main ingredients are:
- Vitamin E to aid blood circulation and relieve eye strain
- Vitamin B6 for cell regeneration
- Sodium Chondroitin sulfate to soothe the cornea
- Potassium L-aspartate to increase oxygen absorption

I'm unsure if this is the whole ingredients list, but here it is:
 acetic acid d-α- tocopherol (natural vitamin e) 0. 05% vitamin b6 0. 1% sodium chondroitin sulfate 0. 1% potassium l- aspartic acid 1% neosuchi gummy down methyl sulfate 0. 005% 0. 03% chlorpheniramine maleate

More photos of the packaging



Other Side
My eyes weren't feeling particularly fatigued or anything, so I just went in and used it.

There was a mild, minty sting. I couldn't open my eyes for a few seconds and I was a bit teary eyed after. Again, my eyes were fine beforehand so I didn't feel it did anything except sting my eyes so I decided I would give it another go when my eyes were dry or fatigued. 

Fast forward to around 3am, I was sleepy af but I want to keep on playing some game on my laptop. I decided this is now the time to try the eyedrops again. It still stings but it actually perked me up for about an hour before I start feeling sleepy again.

It has almost been a month since I started using this, and yes it still stings but it doesn't bother me anymore. I don't use it everyday, just when I'm super sleepy and I need to stay up some more. I actually want to try the cooler variants! I think this is just level 3 coolness, but it goes up to level 7.

Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink Review


This isn't the first Manic Panic I've used. The first one I used was Ultra Violet, but I just pretty much use it to tone my hair after bleaching and haven't really dyed my hair with it.

~ ⋆ BLEACH ⋆ ~

I've bleached my hair two days prior to using Manic Panic. I used my go to bleach from Beauteen. It lightens my colour to around level 7 or 8. I'm not really sure if that is an accurate description as it does make my hair yellow. It lightens the hair colour pretty well, not as harsh on the nose like normal bleach, and my hair doesn't actually feel like it's going to fall apart after washing it off. Plus it's easier to use (for me). The first time I tried bleaching my hair it was so uneven (like some parts were still dark brown, and others were really brassy blonde). Sometimes I still end up with uneven hair with using Beauteen's bleach, but it's not that bothersome.

~ ⋆ TONE ⋆ ~

Next I attempted to tone my hair with Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo. Honestly, I don't know how long ago I purchased this, and I don't know the shelf life of the product (since I just use it one time after bleaching, so there's still lots of it left over) but it did nothing for my hair this time - maybe it was expired?

I ended up having to use Manic Panic's Ultra Violet again to tone my hair, which I accidentally left on my hair longer than I usually would. It didn't stain my hair but my hair was less lighter but at least the brassiness is gone.


I realized that I don't have any petroleum jelly on hand, and I know it says on the instructions to use petroluem jelly but after searching the internet for alternatives I opted to use moisturizer, which I wish I hadn't (more about this later).

I also don't really know how to use it (I ignored the instructions!), I just slapped it on my hair and wrapped it in plastic for 2 hours and rinse.

It turned out cute but not as pink as I would have liked. Picture below is around a week after, it faded into a peachy pink then turned orange after two weeks.

Manic Panic Classic Formula in Hot Hot Pink
I don't want to give up on my hot pink dreams, so I purchased it again but this time the amplified formula.

I also paid attention to the instructions this time so it went a lot better.


First, shampoo your hair. Make sure it is squeaky clean. I used a clarifying shampoo.

Second, petroleum jelly/moisturizer around the hair line/nape is optional. Personally I didn't placed any. The first time I used Hot Hot Pink I still had some moisturizer on my hands (with gloves) so some moisturizer got mixed in with the dye. I found out later that petroleum jelly/moisturizers can affect the resulting colour so some people skip using this to avoid getting some on their hair. Manic Panic will stain your skin, but you can just use alcohol later on to somewhat remove it. It will fade away anyway after a few days (most bothersome areas I had stain was ears and hairline, but I just cover it with hair).

Third, don't just slap the dye on your hair. Comb it, squeeze it, until your hair is somewhat frothy. It's not frothy like a shampoo, but you'll know what I mean when you see it.

Fourth, I left it on for a long time. Originally, I wanted to leave it in for at least 6 hours but I really want to see my hair so I only managed to leave it on for 5 hours. I forgot to buy a shower cap, so I just used cling wrap to cover my head.

This is a week after I dyed it and the colour is still great but please excuse my roots!

Manic Panic Amplified Hot Hot Pink
Colour wise I like it a lot! Photos don't do it justice but it was largely because of my shitty phone camera. The pink looks really nice indoors and outdoors.

~ ⋆ AFTER CARE ⋆ ~

Honestly, I get a mini heart attack every time I shampoo my hair because the suds turn pink each time. I just use regular shampoo and I don't use clarifying shampoo in the meantime. Even prior to using Manic Panic, I wash my hair every other day, but as an extra measure to prevent my hair from getting oily (so as not to shampoo my hair outside of schedule) I avoid touching my scalp and tie my hair whenever it is extra hot (to keep sweat off it).

Conditioner is okay. Water runs clear every time I use conditioner so it may not affect the dye at all. If you still have leftover dye, some people mix it in with conditioner and leave it on for a few minutes to refresh the hair colour. I still have some left, but I haven't mixed it in with conditioner since the colour is still vibrant.

Filipino Chinese Soy Sauce Chicken Recipe (Soya Sauce Chicken for some)


I don't have a photo as I didn't cooked this with making a blog post in mind. I was desperately googling recipes for this as I was craving for it but didn't want to haul my ass to a Chinese restaurant. This isn't actually a Filipino recipe (it's actually 粤式豉油鸡 or just 酱油鸡), but most recipes I found had ingredients that I'm not sure where to get so I changed some with items that you can get from your local palengke or grocery. Still turned out pretty close from what you can get at a Chinese restaurant though.

- 8 pieces chicken leg (most people use whole chicken, but most people like legs or thighs thus I'm using only legs)
- 1 cup brown sugar (idk if you can use white, but I only had brown at the time)
- 6-8 cloves of garlic
- scallions (if you can't find it, just use spring onion. Personally I don't think there is much difference with the result)
- 3 whole star anise
- 1 tablespoon oil
- 1 tablespoon sesame oil
- salt to clean the chicken and salt to taste
- some ginger, sliced flat but not too thin (maybe around 6-8 slices of 3-4 cm in length of ginger)
- enough water to cover the chicken plus the other liquids below (personally I used around 100-150ml)
- 50-100ml of Marca Pina cooking wine
- 150 ml Kikkoman
- 150 ml of normal soy sauce like Datu Puti

Just a note on some of the ingredients, on most recipes it needs rock sugar, chinese rose cooking wine, light soy sauce and dark soy sauce. Upon research, soy sauce in Asian countries varies in tastes and most recipes online don't really specify which soy sauce to use but I imagine it is Chinese soy sauce. I don't know where to get Chinese soy sauce (although on Marca Pina's website, their soy sauce is labelled as Chinese soy sauce?) and it tastes different from Japanese shoyu (like Kikkoman) but I wanted to give it layers of flavor thus I opted to use Kikkoman plus Datu Puti. Anyway, the resulting dish still turned out nice.

- In a container with the chicken legs, put in a lot of rock salt and give the legs a body scrub massage. I mainly do it out of habit to clean the pores of the chicken but this is a must when cooking whole chicken (to ease out cleaning the nooks and cranies and to give it a just came from the spa glow). Rinse out the salt well with water

- Optional step but I like trimming out the fat from the leg since this will produce a lot of oil. A lot of the fat is under the skin so you would either need to cut some of the skin or patiently trim out the fat

- Heat some oil then caramelize the ginger for around 30 seconds on a pot

- Put in the garlic, scallions (or spring onions) and star anise and cook for around 30 seconds

- Dump the cooking wine, Kikkoman and your other soy sauce on the pot

- After it has boiled, put in the chicken. Add just enough water to cover the entire chicken if the liquids from earlier is not enough.

- Boil the chicken but not a vigorous kind of boiling (just on boiling point or slightly higher) for 15 minutes. Then lower the heat to simmer

- Put in the sesame oil, stir to distribute. Make sure chicken legs are even in coloring. The liquid shouldn't have lessened significantly but if it did just add some more of the soy sauces, cooking wine and water maybe a ratio of 1:2 (1 of the soy sauces, cooking wine then 2 for water).

- Simmer for 15 minutes

- Optional step: With all of the soy sauce you'd think you won't need to salt it as it is already plently flavorful but should you feel the need to, salt according to your taste at this stage

- Simmer for another 10-15 minutes. Turn off the heat, stir again so chicken are evenly coated then leave it in the pot. You must let it rest for around 15 minutes before serving but you can also choose to leave it in there for a few hours so the chicken can absorb the flavors more

If you have a significant amount of sauce left, you can use it to flavor boiled eggs! Just boil some eggs on a separate pot then after peeling just dump them on the remaining sauce and simmer for around 10 minutes (make sure eggs are evenly coated).

Althea Korea Philippines Review


Althea Korea has been available to other Asian countries like Singapore and Malaysia but they have officially launched here in the Philippines last February 15. I'm sure you've seen them around as there were a slew of advertisements on Facebook (as well as write ups from bloggers).

Upon looking at their website, the pricing is indeed cheaper than what I would usually find locally. They always have promos going on, and there was a brief time I considered buying from them because they were selling Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel for 0 bucks (free!). I actually still have an almost full tub of it, but it's a great product for unexpected use (mosquito bite relief and quick skin cooling effect among others) so it's great to have an extra tub lying around. Maybe I should review it sometime. 

Anyway, after adding the items on the cart I forgot about it and the free Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel promo ended but they had a promo on Easter. You just need to find the Easter Egg on the website and add it to your cart to get 450php worth of 'surprise'. They got me at surprise. I love surprises. I have to purchase right then and there.

The shipping was pretty fast considering it came direct from Korea. I forgot how many days was it, but for my second purchase (which I will tackle in another post) I got the items in less than 5 working days.

I didn't really bought much, just some cream, eyebrow gel and several mask sheets. The 'surprise' was a discount coupon and a Laneige Original Essence White Plus Renew 10ml sample. It was meh to be honest but I know I shouldn't be choosy as it is free and I shouldn't be ungrateful. The packaging was nice though. I am actually using the box now for storage although I teared off the top part because it was a hassle opening/reopening the box.

Would I repurchase from them? Yes, I actually just did last week lol. The shipping is fast and the items are slightly cheaper. However, I think I still prefer pre-ordering from my favorite Korean cosmetics seller on FB. Since its pre-order, I also get the items cheap. Shipping does take longer (about a month) but I do get a lot of freebies from her. I would probably still buy from Althea in the future, but hope that they get more brands soon.

Apparently they have a referral program. If you sign up using the link below you get 50php worth of credits on top of the 150php sign up bonus fee

Link Here
Coupon Code:   neknekenken

Tony Moly Delight Petite Cotton BB Cream Honey Beige Review


I honestly forgot about this product. I remember buying this last January but I discovered cushion bb creams (only tried one out for the first time this year) and I forgot that I had this. 

I actually like this more than the bb creams that I was using prior to this (the pink Skin79 and Canmake). Canmake was working for me well before my face got tanned due to prolonged sun exposure because it has more yellow tint than usual bb creams from Korean brands. Korean bb creams tend to give me a white cast (on indoors lighting but not visible outdoors) I specifically chose a darker shade than what I would normally get. It turned out to be a great foresight as I'm tanned right now and the Honey Beige shade is perfect. 

At first I really wasn't expecting much as it was cheap. I bought it online on sale for less than 300php ($6.5) but on the online store I bought it from sells it at 395php regular price (around $8.6). I don't know if it's cheaper on the actual Tony Moly store but it is nice to buy stuff from direct stores sometimes if you are planning on buying several items from a specific brand. I remembered the last time I visited a Tony Moly store I got a free make up pouch. 

I was surprised that the coverage is good. It didn't covered all skin imperfections but the coverage is better than I expected. And it actually looked natural on my face - perfect when I need to look at least halfway decent but too lazy for anything more than slapping bb cream on my face.

Another thing that I look for in a bb cream is how easy it is to spread (by patting) as I don't really like tugging my face unnecessarily so if something doesn't spread well I would stop using it. This spreads easily though, which is great. 

It's also not dewy, so it's perfect for those who want a semi matte finish (it says it has a matte finish, but I would say it's semi matte).

Would I buy again? Yes! It's a good, solid bb cream on its own. And the price is affordable so it's hard not to like!

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