Seche Restore Review (and how to use it)


Seche is popular for their award winning top coat but another one of their popular products is Seche Restore. It's actually a polish thinner made specifically to use for their top coat but it works well with other nail polish brands as well.

The ingredients are
Butyl Acetate, Toluene, and Isopropyl Alcohol

Other nail polish thinners in the market also commonly use Heptane and Ethyl Acetate.

Toluene is a solvent commonly used in paints, paint thinners, nail polish, hair dyes etc. It is potentially hazardous so some nail polish and nail polish thinners don't have toluene but the amount of toluene they use in cosmetics is way too low to be a health hazard so personally I'm not bothered. I'm just saying this for people out there who are really conscious with whatever they put on their bodies.

Basically, Seche Restore replaces ingredients that have evaporated from your nail polish. With this in mind, it is important to keep Seche Restore with its cap closed tight when not in use to avoid evaporation.

I actually used it on a nail polish without toleune (OPI Gwen Stefani, I Sing in Color), and I fucked up the polish but it was my fault though.

Seche Restore Nail Polish Thinner
Let me just say that I loove OPI Gwen Stefani in I Sing in Color. Other people are like, meh it's just a normal vampy red but I don't think so. Most polishes of similar shade tend to look brown especially in direct sunlight. I Sing in Color has a purple undertone so it's a true vampy red colour in my opinion. Initially, the formula was good but it got thick and unusable which made me sad. I didn't have the heart to throw it out though so it was just sitting inside a dark drawer for almost two years.

When I finally bought Seche Restore, it was the first polish I thought of experimenting on although I probably shouldn't have lol. After reading reviews online, most people put in half a dropper on the polish bottle, roll it for 30 seconds and if the consistency is still not good they will repeat the process.

Some people test the consistency by measuring how many drops of polish will drip within 5 seconds. I did this method because I didn't want to constantly check if the formula is okay by painting it on my nails but I wished I had been more patient.

I placed way to much Seche Restore and thinned out the polish into (near) oblivion. It now paints more like an indelible ink rather than a nail polish. I'm wondering if I leave the bottle open and let some of the ingredients evaporate will it help somewhat? (I actually need to try that sometime).

Tips For Minor Fixing:

- If your nail polish is fairly new (maybe a few months old), I'd start with a 1/8 or 1/4 of the dropper
- For older nail polishes, 1/4 or 1/2 of the dropper at first is a fair amount
- Roll the polish bottle between your hands for a minute
- Don't trust the first swipe. After putting in Seche Restore and closing the lid, most of the thinner goes in your polish brush. So when you first use the polish brush to paint your nails the formula may seem fixed. Do paint several nails first before deciding if you need to put more thinner.
- If the consistency is not yet fixed, add one or two more drops, roll the bottle for 30 seconds to a minute then check the consistency by actually painting your nails.

Tips For Really Hardened Nail Polish:

- If the polish is really hard (ie. some, if not all of the polish is stuck and not budging on the bottom and sides of the bottle), after putting on half a dropper don't be afraid to shake the bottle. We all heard that shaking a nail polish bottle is a no-no because it will form bubbles but really those bubbles will settle. After putting in Seche Restore and shaking the bottle allow the nail polish to settle for around 15-30 minutes
- Again, don't trust the first swipe. Do several nails first before deciding if you should add more thinner
- If you need to add more, do as you now would with a younger polish bottle. Just add one or two drops, roll the bottle for 30 seconds to a minute before checking the consistency by painting several of your nails.

Despite me failing the first time I've used this, I've fixed several nail polishes since then so I now consider this as an indispensable part of my life lol. I've never actually finished a nail polish bottle, if it's cheap I'd probably just toss it but for the mid-price and expensive ones I now know I can keep them forever as long as Seche Restore is still available.

Bobbie Nail Creme Galactic Night Nail Polish Review (Cosmic & Meteorite)


I bought these the same time as Bobbie Nails Twinsies - I was hoping they would release holo colours but I guess Bobbie Nail Creme Galactic Night is the closest they have.

Bobbie Nail Creme Galactic Night Nail Polish in Cosmic and Meteorite
They formula is great; they go on really smooth on your nails without a problem.

I didn't like Cosmic at first, it looks like a normal pink shimmer/pearl nail polish although it looks slightly purple depending on the fluorescent lighting. It's a universally flattering colour though so I kind of like it now. It goes on sheer though, I used 3 coats for full coverage.

Bobbie Nail Creme Galactic Night Nail Polish - Cosmic
I was excited with Meteorite because it's the cheapest duochrome nail polish I've seen. One coat is enough, although I've painted another layer just because. The duo colour is not that obvious, gold is the predominant colour, and you have to play with the lights and move your hands back and forth to see the green (or is it blue). 

Bobbie Nail Creme Galactic Night Nail Polish - Meteorite
Will I purchase again? Yeeeees. It's the cheapest duochrome polish I've seen. The forula is nice although I'm not sure until when it will last before the formula turns thick and sticky. I hope they sell holo too.

These are priced at 79.75 each at Robinsons Supermarket although Bobbie Nail Polish is also available at other supermarkets, groceries and drugstores.

Lingvist Review - Learn French in 200 Hours


I've been trying to learn Nihongo for years but I always end up quitting then I just go through the process of relearning everything I've learned previously whenever I decided to pick it up again (an endless cycle, really). 

I read somewhere that it is beneficial to try learning more than one language because it keeps you from getting bored by constantly challenging yourself. It seems to be effective as I have learned so much more in two months than all the times I've tried learning Japanese since I was in 5th Grade.

As a supplement, I've been using Duolingo and Memrise to learn French, German, Spanish, Esperanto and Mandarin (previously Cantonese but I dropped it) on the side. It may seem excessive but I am just casually learning these languages. It doesn't take more than 30 minutes a day to go through it using the apps I've mentioned above, but if you are serious at language learning you would need other materials to immerse yourself into it in other ways.

Enter Lingvist.

I was introduced to this app recently and they claim to help you learn French (and reach B2 level) in 200 hours. B2 level is upper intermediate, meaning you can understand complex text and can communicate somewhat fluently with a native speaker.

At first I thought it was going to be just another spaced repetition software. It doesn't have multiple choice questions like on Duolingo and Memrise, you have to type out the missing word although there are hints sometimes (and when you press the right arrow on the keyboard it will show the full word).

Lingvist Learn section on desktop
What really sets them apart is their other features like the Grammar Tips section.

On Duolingo, you don't really get an explanation behind the grammar unless you use the desktop version and join the discussion/forum section. On Memrise, depending on which course you've chosen there are sometimes helpful Mems but more often than not I resort to Googling answers myself every damn time. It's nice that they dedicated a section for that much needed grammar tips. Just choose a topic to help shed more light on grammar and pronunciation.

Lingvist Grammar Tips section on desktop
Lingvist Grammar Tips section on Android
They also have a Read (French) section, where you can read dialogues, jokes, articles and what not.
You see which ones has the highest percentage of words that you know, and you can also filter the reading list in other ways.

Lingvist Read section on desktop
Lingvist sample text from their Read section (Android)

Another favorite of mine next to the grammar section is their Listen section. It is helpful hearing French in a normal pace. In other learning apps, they tend to pronounce the words slow but actual spoken French (and other languages really) is quite fast. Not only you get an idea on how to pronounce something you'd also get to practice listening skills. Same as the Read section, you can choose to hear audio based on the percentage of words that you know. You can also see the text transcript of the audio. It just popped in my mind maybe it would be a good feature to also have the option to hear the audio on a slower pace especially for beginners. 

Lingvist Listen section on Desktop

Lingvist Listen section on Android
I have only used it for a few hours in two weeks, but I was surprised at the amount of French that I've managed to pick up. As previously mentioned I initially just learned French casually but I may have to take it seriously as this app is too good - it's a shame if I won't continue using it. I really hope they will have other languages available soon (they may release Spanish and Russian in a few weeks). 

The good news is Lingvist is fully free while they are still in beta, so if you are learning French I highly recommend to take advantage of this and give it a try.

Lingvist -

Their app is also available on the iOS App Store and Google Play

Bobbie Nails Twinsies Nail Polish Review (Lavender & Honey - Pea & Mint)


I don't even know why I bought these. I blame the glitter. I'm a sucker for sparkly, glittery items.

Got this at Robinsons Supermarket - Bobbie Nails Twinsies

Bobbie Nails Twinsies
A few years back I got into a nail polish craze phase and I had a lot of fond memories with Bobbie nail polish. When I first got hooked on nail polish, I never knew there were so many kinds available (matte, textured, gel, crackle, creme, flake, holo, neon, jelly, pearl, shimmer, foil, suede, duochrome, etc.) and Bobbie had a lot of nail polish variants (although most of it are retired now) and it was nice having something cheap to turn to whenever I want to try something out. 

In my experience though, the formula of their nail polish turns weird after some time (much faster than other nail polish brands) but since they are cheap I never really cared.

Even though my expectations aren't high, I was still disappointed with this. I don't know if it was deliberate, but the non-glitter nail polish has a really weird texture. It seems normal on the bottle, but there is a weird, gritty sand like stuff on it when applied. Not good gritty like Zoya's PixieDust but more a few random bits of sand got mixed in with your nail polish. Two coats for full coverage for both mint and lavender.

Sorry for the blur! Too lazy to take another pic. Bobbie Nails Twinsies in Lavender & Honey

Bobbie Nails Twinsies in Pea & Mint

Since I was covering it with the glitter anyway, I was going to look past that. However when I opened the glitter side the entire thing smells straight up like Rugby (a brand of contact cement) I actually wondered if I'll get high from inhaling it. The formula was bad. Although it is expected of glitter polishes to have be thicker than normal nail polish, it doesn't even spread well. It was the same for both the Lavender & Honey and the Pea & Mint so I am wondering if I just got bad stocks or not. I had to use a few drops of Seche Restore to somewhat fix the formula but I didn't want to use too much since by bottle is more than halfway empty and I was saving it for future emergencies lol. Anyway, half a dropper improved the way they glide on the nails. 

Here are some pics; I purposely made the picture size small so you can't zoom in and see how sloppily it was painted on lol. Also, my nails are short.

Bobbie Nails Twinsies - Lavender and Honey - I kind of like this one because of the stars

Bobbie Nails Twinsies - Pea and Mint

I personally won't buy it again but I would still recommend it to young people (12 years old and younger). Even though the texture and formula isn't perfect, it would probably suffice for kids who just want to have something colorful and glittery on their nails. They also had other colours available like pink and blue. It would be great for kids who want to experiment on nail colour without their parents having to shell out a lot of money.

They are sold at 60php each at Robinsons Supermarket although you can also buy them at other supermarkets and drugstores.

Regent Creme Puff Cheese Flavored Cream Puffs


These looks really cheap and shady but damn they taste really close to actual cream puffs (not cheesy despite it being labeled as cheese flavored, perhaps they placed more vanilla than cheese). It doesn't taste like Japanese style cream puffs (like Beard Papa), but it tastes like cream puffs you can sometimes get in random neighborhood bakeries across Metro Manila which tend to have its filling in a darker colour and tastes a lot sweeter too. 

Regent Creme Puff Cheese Flavored Cream Puffs - I can't remember the exact price but I think it was less than 10php per pack.

Regent Creme Puff Cheese Flavored Cream Puffs

Vegetable Shortening (may contain Hydrogenated Coconut Oil and/or Palm Oil), Egg, Wheat Flour, Margarine, Milk Powder, Cheese Flavor, Soya Lecithin, Vanilla Flavor, Food Colour (Yellow #5)

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