Fan Casting the brand list included in Tokyo Girls Collection TGC Shop at Ayala Vertis North


Disclaimer: This is not the official list of brands that will be available at the Tokyo Girls Collection / TGC Shop at Ayala Malls Vertis North.

I say "fan casting" because I couldn't think of a better term lmao

Here are my personal picks although most of these brands don't appear on the TGC runway. They seem to be wanting to emphasize on "kawaii" and their target market is teens - 20 somethings so I mainly looked at brands that are in Shibuya 109 because I think that's similar to what they're going for


I think this is the only brand on my list that usually participates in TGC so there's a high chance that this will actually really be one of their choices. A lot of their clothes go up to 6L (6L is around US 20-ish, but it really depends on the clothing), they do carry standard sizes as well. The price range of the clothes is 2000 to 9500 JPY on average

Liz Lisa

Liz Lisa

Prices are around 5000 - 13000 JPY and if you want "kawaii" you don't have to look any further. Honestly, their clothes look so much better in real life than in the pictures.


WC (pronounced as double sea)

I think their clothes will really appeal to teens. Some of their items look like UNIF and Lazy Oaf dupes. Prices are around 2000 - 5000 JPY

Sanrio Vivitix

I love Hello Kitty and anything with Sanrio on it is always on my list. Sure, there have been Sanrio products here in the Philippines for ages but there can never be enough. Most Sanrio Vivitix stores do carry the standard merch found in other Sanrio stores but with focus on clothing and cosmetic items for adults.

Axes Femme

Axes Femme

Axes Femme has 4 sub brands (poetique, nostalgie, kiddie, kawaii), which has more distinct styles than their main brand. Pictures above are from the Poetique and Kawaii line. Lolita fans, especially those who want a more practical and casual look will appreciate them but they are still very wearable even if you're not into the lolita scene. I think the price is also very reasonable, most Lolita brands are really pricey (even the mainstream "casual" ones). Their prices ranges from 2000 to 8000 JPY

Please note styles like these only compose of like, 20% of their store. Their main brand is even more relaxed and casual and gives out a really subtle mori, otome or even OL (office lady) vibe.

One Spo

One Spo

Their clothes are "edgy" but are kinda pricey at 6000 - 18000 JPY. I do think some of their stuff are interesting, but the hoetastic ones are the best.

Samantha Vega

Samantha Vega

It's a brand under Samantha Thavasa but with generally lower prices (around 10000 JPY - 20000 JPY for a bag). Some bags go up to 35000 JPY or so, but about 97% percent of their items are under 20k JPY. They have a LOT of stuff, so people of all ages would probably find something they like. The gold logo bothers me a bit, it reminds me of Polly Pocket lol.

Peach John

Peach John

They do have 'basic' bras with great support, lift etc. - there's even one that you can safely chuck inside a washing machine but they're more known for making cute underwear. While they started out as a lingerie brand, they now sell all kinds of stuff (from fashion, beauty and household).

Dolly Kiss and SBY

Dolly Kiss

Dolly Kiss specializes in socks, leggings and tights (peep the tights with nails painted on them above!) while SBY specializes in affordable accessories and cosmetic products.



They sell a lot of basic shoes, mainly pumps and sandals. Prices are around 2000 - 8000 JPY

csT & P

csT & P

Most of the shoes they sell are sneakers, creepers and boots. They're quite affordable too at around 2000 - 4000 JPY

Other thoughts....

When I first heard that there will be a Tokyo Girls Collection Shop here in the Philippines I was so excited! Circa 2007 me that was looking at Japanese magazine scans online (Kera, ViVi, Ageha, Egg etc.) was quaking! But after thinking about it, I have some concerns about the price and sizing.

If you take a look at some of the popular casual brands that frequent the TGC runway, you'd spend at least 5000 JPY for a top and 7000 JPY for bottoms/dresses. Around 2500 php for a basic top is considerably higher than the average pricing of other international brands that teens and peeps in their 20's here in the Philippines normally go for (like H&M, Zara, Stradivarius, Forever 21 etc.)

Sure, sometimes the quality of the clothing in fast fashion stores are questionable (*cough* Forever 21), but young people are probably bored with it by the time it falls it apart so the lower price point of these fast fashion brands works really well into one's fickleness and (probably still) growing personal style.

A lot of Japanese brands have very limited sizing (I'm talking about clothes in free size/one size). Not to pinpoint anyone, but I think more and more Filipinos are getting heavier, so limited sizing can be an issue.

Tokyo Girls Collection Shop in Japan Town at Vertis North


TGC Shop at Ayala Malls Vertis North

Tokyo Girls Collection is known for their huge semiannual fashion festival in Japan but they have also done events in the U.S., China, Thailand and Indonesia.

Hallohallo Inc., Mitsubishi Corp, Ayala Land of the Ayala Group has partnered with W Tokyo to open up a Tokyo Girls Collection Shop or "TGC Shop" at Ayala Malls Vertis North!

The location will be in the back, near Japan Fudo Street and Timezone

Reportedly, the TGC shop is going to be around 4,230 sqm. Apart from the shop area, there's gonna be space for events complete with a runway.

TGC Shop at Ayala Malls Vertis North

They will choose up to 20 "kawaii" Japanese fashion brands which will carry accessories, clothing and lots of other stuff that will best represent their theme of "bringing Japan's real clothes to the world".

Hallohallo will focus on managing the shop, while W Tokyo will stay closely involved by handpicking the brands and running promotions and events.

SHOWROOM is a Japanese live streaming service looking to expand in the Philippines as well, and has teamed  up with W Tokyo to stream events and product demos from the TGC shop.

I don't know what brands they'll bring here, but I hope PUNYUS will be one of them. You can read my top picks of Japanese fashion brands that I hope will be available at the TGC shop here:

Another news: an entertainment facility by teamLab will also open soon in Glorietta. While I don't have other details yet I frequently see photos from teamLab exhibitions around Instagram which looks super amazing so I'm definitely excited for this as well.

Visiting Mandarin Supermarket in Binondo


Mandarin Supermarket is located on the ground floor of the Mandarin Square building at Ongpin Street, Binondo. I wanted to arrive at 8:00am to take some pictures while there's not much people around. When I went there, it was still a few minutes before 8:00am and the supermarket signage was still turned off, but when I looked down the hallway I saw someone with grocery bags so I went in (please note their opening time is listed at 8:00am so don't blame me if you decide to go earlier than that and its still closed).

Apart from Chinese goods, they have some Korean and Japanese items (mainly Korean noodles and ice cream then Japanese chocolates, toys, curry and noodles). They also carry local products so they don't exclusively carry East Asian goods. I wanted to take as much photos as I can but there were boxes littered around so it was hard to stand in front of some of the aisles. Anyway, here are some of the photos I managed to take:


They only had the zero calorie/sugar cream soda in stock :(

More tea and fruit juices

Hi-C!!!! Sold in packs of 6


Yogurt milk drinks and milk tea

Want Want Little Mantou! I wanted to buy it T-T

Lots of ready to eat sausages and meat paper strips


Chicken leg and feet in vacuum pouches

Flavored microwavable rice

Self heating hot pot! I will get this next time

Lots of noodles! They also have a lot of non instant noodles available, like individually packaged 100g udon

They also have toys - Kracie Poppin here is cheap! Around 185php if I remember correctly

Milk and probiotic drinks

Other stuff that I didn't take a photo of:
- candies/chocolates/biscuits other snack items
- Chinese cooking ingredients, too bad I can't find any tianjang and huangdoujiang (I dunno if salted yellow soybean sauce is the same as huangdoujiang, the characters on the bottle doesn't even say yellow but it says yellow soybean on the tag). 
- cookware, utensils, tableware
- other non edible products like detergents, toiletries etc.

Here are the stuff that I got:

From top left to right, clockwise:
- cup noodles, only bought them because of the packaging. The red one with pig design is pork dumpling flavor while the Hello Kitty one has a Japanese Soy Sauce flavor
- sausages, crab stick and pork paper strips
- instant noodles again. I know Chapagetti can be commonly seen in SM/Robinson's Supermarket but I always buy some when I see one
- Hi-C apple flavor
- strawberry and banana yogurt milk
- lemon Coca-Cola and Want Want milk
- Schweppes zero cream soda. I prefer the regular one but this'll do

Kiko Mizuhara at the Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet


Kiko Mizuhara shows up at day two of Cannes Film Festival red carpet for the screening of Yomeddine (English title: Judgement Day)

With Wang Likun/Claudia Wang from Dior's weibo account
Embed from Getty Images

Video from Kiko's IG stories (@i_am_kiko)

Wearing look 42 from the Dior Haute Couture Spring Summer 2018 show

Full list of celebrities who walked the red carpet on the second day of Cannes Film Festival can be seen here:

Kiko Mizuhara Shows Support For KaoRi; Also Tells Her Experience Working With Nobuyoshi Araki


Disclaimer: I gathered the information below from sources written in Japanese, so it's definitely not 100% accurate. I would be truly grateful for inputs and corrections.

KaoRi, a dancer and a model spoke up about Nobuyoshi Araki last March. Many people misunderstood her relationship with Araki (it was strictly photographer-model) and she was flattered and pressured to be branded as Araki's muse that she didn't come into terms with Araki posting her pictures and using her name (such as 'KaoRi Sex Diary') without permission on his products. She felt that she was driven into a situation where she had no choice but to do it. She also had problems with stalkers, and she had to deal with the psychological and financial burden of moving places alone.

She tried to confront Araki about it, her attempts to call and to ask for a face to face meeting was ignored. When they finally had a chance to meet, she was being forced to sign a contract to allow Araki to use her name on future products - she refused and as of June 2016 (supposedly she had another 'muse role' shooting schedule) she was "fired".

She lost all self esteem and affected her work as a model because she felt powerless over her own identity.

(You can read more of it here:

Kiko Mizuhara showed her support and called KaoRi brave for sharing her story. She also shared an uncomfortable encounter she had with Araki before.

Brief Translation:

In my early twenties, I had to shoot topless (with my hands covering my chest). During the shooting, there was a lot of male presence; apart from the staff there were about 20 upper management who came to the shoot.
I felt really uncomfortable with having a lot of other people in the room, but I was told they had to be in the room to "check the quality of the shots". Since it it was work I felt that I could not refuse.

Araki, what is a woman's body to you? Your muse, Kaori, is it necessary to abuse her mentally?
I don't know if you are completely unaware of what you are doing. You've photographed me many times as well... but I don't feel any regrets for you.

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