Shows Round Up Ep 006 (Ghosts, Truth Seekers, Inside No. 9)

Ghosts (2019) BBC

Characters from top left - clockwise: Mary, Kitty, Pat Butcher, the Captain, Julian Fawcett MP, Robin, Mike Cooper, Alison Cooper, Humphrey, Lady Fanny Button and Thomas Thorne

A married couple (Alison and Mike) unexpectedly inherits an old house. Instead of selling the property, they decided to renovate the house themselves in hopes of turning it into a luxury hotel. Little did they know that the house is inhabited by ghosts. The ghosts weren't keen on the couple's arrival and future plans and after their failed 'haunting' attempts one of the ghosts pushed Alison out of the window. After waking up from an induced coma, Alison discovers that she can now see ghosts after her near-death experience.

Despite the name, there is nothing scary about this show. It's a delight to watch and most of the characters (the ghosts) are funny and interesting - almost makes me want to see a ghost sighting (kidding, kidding). I read somewhere that there is going to be a U.S. remake. There isn't any updates regarding the American version of the show but I'll be keeping my eyes peeled. As for Ghosts, I'm happy that they got a third season in the works.

Truth Seekers (2020) Amazon Original Series / Prime Video

Truth Seekers - Nick Frost as a ghost hunter / paranormal investigator?

I was obsessed with Spaced big time and have liked everything that Nick Frost and Simon Pegg has done together and Truth Seekers didn't disappoint.

Gus Roberts works for the largest mobile network operator and ISP in Britain (Smyle) but he considers paranormal investigation as his main thing. He also runs an unsuccessful Youtube channel documenting his findings. His experience in the paranormal has gone off the charts after the arrival of his new work partner, Elton John (Samson Kayo). 

I really like how the show can be really spooky and unsettling but still remain humorous. I don't want to spoil it too much because there is a twist (although I didn't manage to guess what it was exactly, you'll notice something odd in some scenes and conversations). The only issue I have with Truth Seekers is the second season hasn't been confirmed yet. The last episode will keep you hanging so if you don't want to get invested in a show while the ending is unclear, you may want to skip this one for now.

Inside No. 9 (2014) BBC

Inside Number Nine

I haven't actually gone through all the episodes yet but it doesn't matter. Inside No. 9 is a dark comedy anthology series. From what I've seen with the first season each episode has a varying degree of suspense, macabre and comedy. Apparently, there's always something connected to the number '9' in each episode although I've never really caught it until I read about it. I guess I'm not very observant and didn't even wonder what the title is about lol. 

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