Mcdonald's and Jollibee Online Delivery Service

I've been using Mcdonald's online delivery service quite frequently for the past month. I was working till the wee hours of morning lately, and Mcdonald's is the only fast food chain that offers 24 hour delivery in our area (Malabon). Most of the time, the delivery service was smooth and was on time.

Last September 2 (pushing September 3), I wasn't in the mood for Mcdonald's but my stomach is grumbling and there was no food in our house. After placing an order online, we waited for more than 30 minutes for the confirmation call, before my sister started egging me to call the hotline. I waited for a while before I got to speak with a call center agent. I wasn't offered any explanation why they didn't call me for confirmation. After giving me a recap of my order and the total amount, I was told to wait for 30-45 for my order. I went to my room to take a 15 minute nap when I was woken by a call from a staff of the Mcdonald's branch that processes my order. He told me that their McSpaghetti wasn't available. I told them to call me back after a few minutes because I still have to discuss with my sister what to order in place of the spaghetti. They told me to call the hotline instead. I told him can't I just call the (mobile) number that he used to contact me, since we have the same cellular network (my postpaid plan gives me unlimited calls to the same network) and calling a landline number doesn't do good to my bills. He hung up. I went down to ask my sister what she wants instead, and we settled for Chicken. I called the mobile number back, but my call wasn't answered. A few minutes later, the staff I spoke with earlier called me and told me what my final order will be. I told him that I'll order Chicken Mcdo instead of Spaghetti. He then told me to call the hotline. I got irritated and hung up. I sent him a text message telling that I'm canceling my order.

They should have contacted their call center about the fact that their Spaghetti isn't available, and ask them to contact me instead. Why the hell would they call me, telling that their Spaghetti isn't available and asking me what my final order will be, then saying that I should call the hotline instead?

The customer is not always right, but at the very least you have to put your customers first. You have to make sure that everything is to the customers convenience.

I got so pissed that I went straight to sleep (bad move, work piled up when I woke up). I got little sleep, since I have to finish work that I didn't finish earlier, and I have to clean the house since some guests are coming.

It was 12pm and my sister and me don't really have the time to fix anything for lunch. I googled Jollibee's delivery hotline but I saw Jollibee's online delivery site instead! I was so surprised since the last time I checked, Jollibee doesn't have an online delivery service (just a price list on their official site).

You have to make an account to check out an order. What I love about the site is you can reorder the same thing that you ordered last time with a single click. It saves you from the hassle of picking out items from the menu if you're ordering the same food again. My experience with them was smooth, and we got the food faster than we expected. Plus, Chickenjoy and Peach Mango Pie is really the best! I will love them forever if they start offering 24 hour delivery.
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Jollibee said...

jollibee menu prices
Jollibee is most known for their distinctive fried chicken, Chickenjoy, which is expertly hand-breaded to be crispylicious on the exterior and juicylicious on the inside using a special marinade.

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