The First Slam Dunk and is The Second (Third, Fourth, Fifth) Slam Dunk Happening?

Inoue Takehiko - Slam Dunk

I've been waiting decades for this!

Even though the ending of the manga was bittersweet (albeit very realistic), I still wanted the rest of the manga to be animated. Although, if I'm being honest I also want a continuation (even more than the '10 days after' sequel because I really want to see Sakuragi fully recovered and back to his shenanigans) 

The First Slam Dunk is a 2022 Japanese animated film based on the wildly popular Slam Dunk manga. Written and directed by Inoue Takehiko, the film focuses on Ryota Miyagi (his childhood and his older brother Sota) and the Shohoku vs Sannoh match.

I was actually a bit bummed that I haven't gone to the fan screening (in the Philippines, regular ticket price was 400 php, the fan screening one was 1200 php  but you get a caramel popcorn, t-shirt, poster and keychain so it's worth it). If there is going to be a fan screening in your country, PLEASE GO!

There are rumors going around that there are going to be five movies, and The Second Slam Dunk is going to focus on Hisashi Mitsui (my favorite character apart from Hanamichi). 

This isn't my own theory I'm just reposting rumors going around on some Japanese websites.

Based on basketball positions:

Point Guard = 1st (Ryota Miyagi)

Shooting Guard = 2nd (Hisashi Mitsui)

Small Forward = 3rd (Kaede Rukawa)

Power Forward = 4th (Hanamichi Sakuragi)

Center = 5th (Takenori Akagi)

I think this is an interesting take. The movie ended a bit abruptly like it was set up for a sequel, so I'm not surprised if there's going to be another movie. Thinking about the manga there really wasn't much that happened after the Sannoh game it was mainly just depressing stuff (Shohoku losing the next game because they were all dead tired from the Sannoh match and Sakuragi wasn't there, the seniors except Mitsui retired from the team to focus on graduating, Hanamichi is still in rehabilitation for his back etc.). However, a lot of people are theorizing that along with each member of the team's backstory (and perhaps a bit of their future like we've seen with Miyagi in The First Slam Dunk), some of the important games are going to be reanimated. 

Predictions what the matches are gonna be:

First Slam Dunk - Sannoh

Second Slam Dunk - Shoyo (retelling)

Third Slam Dunk - Ryonan (retelling)

Fourth Slam Dunk - Toyotama

Fifth Slam Dunk - Kainan (retelling)

I've just read details regarding the production of The First Slam Dunk and Inoue Takehiko is very meticulous. He started working on the script in 2015 and the animation process started in 2018. While the movie is a huge hit, the production process took a long time so I'm not sure how long we have to wait for the sequels if they're even happening.

I'll post again if there is any updates regarding a second movie but what do you guys think?

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