Shows Round Up 008 (Resident Alien, Upload, Miracle Workers)

Resident Alien (2021)

Resident Alien

This isn't a nonresident alien H-1B visa type of situation - it's about an actual extraterrestrial being that came to Earth to kill humans. His ship crashed and the device he needs to destroy the human race got lost. The alien killed a certain Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle (Alan Tudyk) and assumed his identity so he can look for his missing device and rebuild his ship in peace. When the town doctor unexpectedly dies, they enlisted Harry's help to do an autopsy and was subsequently asked to fill in the role while they look for a replacement. "Harry" just has to blend in until he finds what he's looking for. Unfortunately, one of the kids in town (Max Hawthorne played by Judah Prehn) has that rare genetic mutation that makes him able to see through the alien's disguise. 

I wasn't expecting much, but this turned out to be one of my favorite shows in 2021! It's just so funny. The actor playing the alien/Harry is brilliant. I also don't know why I like the "adult beefing with kids" trope so much haha. I'm not done watching Season 2 yet but it's very good as well so far. I think the only other show from Syfy that I've watched was The Magicians, which was simultaneously unsettling and great so maybe I should try watching their other shows too.


Upload (2020)


The idea of living (possibly) forever in a virtual world is certainly intriguing. Preserving our consciousness may be the closest thing to immortality we can achieve. But it may not turn out how it's all cracked up to be. 

Nathan Brown (Robbie Amell) is a young, promising computer programmer that unfortunately dies prematurely. His wealthy girlfriend uploads him on Lake View. There he meets his "angel", Nora (Andy Allo) - a living customer service rep. Despite struggling with their own life/afterlife problems, they grow closer together. They both started noticing odd circumstances surrounding Nathan's death and they're determined to find out the truth.

The plot seems interesting but it didn't really stood out to me. I still watched the second season of the show though, so it's not really bad or anything.

Miracle Workers (2019-2021)


Miracle Workers

When I started watching this, I didn't know it was an anthology so I was a little sad I won't get to see more of their characters in season 1 (which is still my favorite season, thus far).  

Season 1 is about heaven running like a very bureaucratic organization; every little thing on Earth has its own department. Eliza(Geraldine Viswanathan) has recently transferred to The Depart of Answered Prayers, the only other worker there is Craig (Daniel Radcliffe), who spends a painstakingly amount of time fulfilling petty prayers. Eliza found out that there are many rules as to answering prayers, that most of them needs a miracle and are marked "impossible" and forwarded to God (Steve Buscemi). God wants to blow up Earth to build a new restaurant but decided to strike a bet with Eliza if she could answer one impossible prayer, he will not destroy Earth. 

Season 2 is titled 'Dark Ages' and Season 3 is called 'Oregon Trail' (where the clip of Daniel Radcliffe going around dancing to She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain while wearing assless chaps came from).

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