Movies Round Up Ep 005 (Picnic at Hanging Rock, Clue, The King and I, White Snake)

Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975)

If watching something without a "proper resolution" will bother you then I suggest just go on with your life without watching this film. If not, and you're in the mood for something eerie and haunting, then go ahead!  I can't forget that scene when they went to the picnic and were just laying around, ants devouring their leftover cake and all.

Clue (1985)

I love both posters I can't choose which to include

Can be annoying at times (be forewarned) but if you just want something amusing and nothing too heavy, consider watching this whodunit.

The King and I (1956)

I went in The King and I knowing nothing and I CHORTLED as soon as I saw white people trying to pass off as Thai and Burmese. I didn't know the song 'Getting To Know You' was from this movie (well, not I do). I'm not sure if there's a remake or if they're planning to remake it but if I don't know how they'll pull the story off without the white savior complex among other things to fit for the modern audience.

White Snake (2019)

The animation on this film is stunning but I feel like it's something that I've already seen before. I still think it's a solid movie that I would highly recommend to kids (maybe older kids in case it's too scary for little ones). It's always nice to take a glimpse at other cultures and it's beautiful to look at as well.
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