Shows Rounds Up Ep 001 (Extraordinary You, Somehow 18, His Dark Materials, Good Omens)

Extraordinary You (2019)

Sets place inside a comic book. The 'stage' is what actually appears in the comic while the 'shadow' are stuff that happens behind the scenes, until the next stage happens. Once a character becomes aware that the world they are in a manhwa, they start to remember the things that happen while they're in the 'shadow'.

It was annoying how in every ep most of the self-aware characters are bitching about the stage/shadow thing, like pleeeease we get it already the first 5 times. But I would still recommend people to watch it because it was VERY CUTE. Eun Dan Oh (Kim Hye Yoon) is too much at times but you can help but feel giddy alongside her, and root for her and Ha Roo (Ro Woon). 

Somehow 18 (2017)

Oh Kyung Wee (Minho) can't get over his first love, Han Na Bi (Lee Yoo Bi) who discouraged him from committing suicide but ended up killing herself a few days after. He somehow traveled back in time, and now he's determined to know what really happened and save NaBi. 

This drama is only 2 episodes, so I see no reason to not to watch it. I really want to know the instrumental track they used at last scene of episode one :(

His Dark Materials (2019)

I've watched the Golden Compass when I was a teen but I honestly can't anything about it. I really like His Dark Materials though, so I kind of want to rewatch Golden Compass just to compare. None of the characters are likeable, but the visuals are great and the overall story is interesting. 

Can't wait for season 2!

Good Omens (2019)

An angel, Aziraphale (Michael Sheen) and a devil, Crowley (David Tennant) has known each other since the Garden of Eden. They've both come to love life on Earth so when they heard that the Antichrist is coming (which will lead to Armageddon), they conspire together to prevent it from happening. 

It's only 6 episodes and a very entertaining watch, there's not reason to miss it except if you're one of those people who think it's "making satanism look normal". I also happen to ship the ineffable husbands - Aziraphale and Crowley are very cute together. There's rumors of a season 2 but I don't want to get my hopes up!
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