Netflix's The Witcher Review - Season 1 All Episodes

Please note all screenshots in this post are from Episode 8

Episode 1 - The End's Beginning

Introducing Geralt as to how he became the Butcher of Blaviken makes sense, but apart from the fight scene, everything else felt bland. I love how The Lesser Evil was Snow White gone terribly wrong (complete with the mirror, apple and all) but I understand they have to omit a lot in the Netflix series because they had to flesh out Ciri and Yennefer's stories and add / change some things.  

Episode 2 Four Marks

toss a coin to your witcher

I love this episode! Jaskier is a very welcome addition. I didn't liked that the edge of the world wasn't as detailed as I've expected. It would be really fun to see more of Geralt/Jaskier and Torque. But I liked how they explored Yennefer's backstory.

Episode 3 Betrayer Moon

Another episode that I liked. The adaptation of the short story with the striga was done well even with the tweaks (like including Triss in). One thing I would have loved though, is for Geralt to act more like a "professional" witcher. Looks wise, you could tell he could trash a monster but you can't really feel that this person has extensive knowledge/expertise if that makes sense. In the books, like with the striga and the sylvan, you can tell from the way he asks questions and everything that his approach is very methodical. 

Episode 4 Of Banquets, Bastards and Burials

A Question Of Price was a little cringy to see on screen. I don't know. It was almost irritating how much they used the word 'destiny' in this episode. I felt that they could have at least tried to switch up the dialogue and not just make the actors say destiny, destiny, destiny all the time. Brokilon was a little underwhelming as well.

Episode 5 - Bottled Appetites

Even though the episode was okay, I didn't really liked the ending because you don't feel that they were in love. In short story The Last Wish, it was a pretty emotional moment for both of them. Geralt already knew he loved Yen moments before he made the wish and Yen became aware (and was touched?) upon hearing him. The djinn fulfilling the wish may have heightened their emotions at the time as well, but it was a tender moment for two people who haven't felt that way before. The djinn in the show was also pretty lame and didn't seem like a big of a threat like it was in the books.

Episode 6 - Rare Species

Bounds Of Reason had the tub scene that I wanted but didn't get. Anyway, I did enjoy this episode. The golden dragon is a lot less magnificent than I imagined but it was okay. I don't know why Yennefer used daggers (or was it swords?) when clearly she doesn't need it.

Episode 7 - Before A Fall

For those who were confused with the timelines, this is where it all comes together. I appreciate that they placed another scene with Yen and Istredd

Episode 8 - Much More

The Battle of Sodden was mentioned several times in the books, so it was great that they decided to show it on screen. I also liked the bit with young Geralt. I was confused when Vilgefortz got thrashed easily (he was supposed to be good at fighting with our without magic) but I saw people's theories saying he did this on purpose.

iniwan sa Jollibee vibes
Final thoughts:

I played the first Witcher game (still haven't played the two other games lol) and read all the books at least 6 times. I really, really, really want to love it but it was a little underwhelming considering all the excitement I had ever since it was announced. It was a story that I loved, but it felt dull at some points. I have been thinking a lot what exactly it is that's been bothering me about it, but I think it because it wasn't 'campy' enough. I think deep down, I wanted it to be Xena but it wasn't. Anyway, it isn't bad though, maybe a 7 but I think my rating might be lower if I don't know anything about the Witcher prior to watching. I have no problems with any of the cast though and I thought everyone was awesome, acting wise. If I had to nitpick, I would have loved to see more exciting clothing from the sorceresses, at least in their downtime but that's just because I like looking at costumes.

Of course I'm still going to watch the future seasons. I'm confident that the second season would be a lot better. I just hope Netflix won't cancel Witcher prematurely.

Stuff that I want to see in Season 2 (or in the future seasons)

- Trial of the Grasses!
- Ciri's training in Kaer Mohren!
- The other Witchers from Kaer Mohren!
- That party in Thanned. Haha. I've always liked it when clothing was described in the books, and event in Thanned everyone pretty much dressed for the Oscars

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