Snacks Round Up Ep 001 (Kit Kat Popcorn, Fibisco Ginger Snaps, Selecta Pineapple Slice, OK Choco Loops)

Kit Kat Popcorn

Smells like popcorn but it oddly tastes only of chocolate.

Fibisco Ginger Snaps

These are hard as hockey pucks but they're very flavorful and aromatic. They're probably also the cheapest ginger snaps you'll ever find.

Selecta Pineapple Slice

I don't know if I missed the commercial for these or if its an old product, but I only keep seeing the TVC for the watermelon and mango flavors. This is my fave among the three.

OK Choco Loops 

These are super good. I've only seen them sold at 7/11 and Landmark.
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