Movies Round Up Ep. 003 (Elise, Dirty Dancing, Wild and Free, Miss Granny)

Elise (2019)

I think this poster is loads better than that awful scriptina font they used on the trailer

They've both opened their hearts to others, but Bert (Enchong Dee) has always been about Elise (Janine Gutierrez) deep down. I felt that Elise eventually went with Bert because... he was just there. I don't know. But then again the story is told from Bert's perspective so it makes sense his feelings were highlighted.

I've had that sinking feeling that things aren't going to end up well - youth, humor and nostalgia just couldn't mask that air of foreboding. I'm a sucker for happy endings so I was secretly hoping Elise has pulled through but no. Bert and Elise's parents has already come into terms with her passing so there's that. And also, there's ice cream (Josie's ice cream)

Dirty Dancing (1987)

nobody puts baby in a corner! there I said it!

I didn't anticipated that I would like it as much as I did. The chemistry and the dancing i-

Wild and Free (2018)

why get my hopes up? grr

Based from the trailer, I thought this was going to be about two lovers hoeing around - it wasn't. Ugh.

I get that Jake (Derrick Monasterio) had issues with his older brother (Carlo / Juancho Trivino) etc. but having full on hallucinations? That's just alarming and was never addressed or resolved in any way. He also date raped Ellie (Sanya Lopez) and even justified his actions by saying he's just giving her what she wanted (because Ellie wanted to sleep with him the other day).

And Ellie. Why the fuck would anyone be pining for an unstable guy who left you for 2 years without saying anything? Who keeps a shoe box full of your ex's pictures? Why keep a copy of a sex video with an ex (or why not at least keep it hidden better? not stored in a folder in your laptop's desktop)? And who the fuck pins cash on a corkboard???

Them causing a traffic obstruction at the end just cemented my dislike about this whole movie in general.

Miss Granny (2018)

Apart from omitting the budding romance with the producer (Lorenz played by Xian Lim), the adaptation is very faithful to the original Korean film. Sarah Geronimo was great as Odrey / Audrey although I felt that she overdid it at times. I wished they would have toned down her character a bit, instead of letting Sarah portray a caricature of a stereotypical old person (crass, rude, grumpy etc.) but the important thing is the film's message isn't lost and it was ok overall.
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