Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Red Messenger Satchel Bag

Out of all the wonderful wardrobe pieces in the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, I'm drawn to Sabrina's red satchel bag for some reason (probably because it's something I can actually see myself using).

You can probably find something similar on The Leather Satchel Co. or The Cambridge Satchel although I don't think they do plaid prints all year around. For a readily available (and cheaper) alternative, this bag by ECOSUSI would be your best bet (available at Amazon and DHGate)

I've searched high and low for Sabrina's red bag and have now come into conclusion that it's a custom made bag. In an interview (here), one of the show's costume designers has mentioned that Sabrina's wardrobe are inspired by late 60's and early 70's fashion, and most of the pieces are either custom or vintage. If you made a Google image search for vintage/retro school bags, something similar to Sabrina's bag will pop up (they seem to love their plaids, or is it tartan? back then)

like this one

I found something that has a similar build to Sabrina's bag (bolt placement wise!) but they only sell brown leather bags, unfortunately.

I'll update this page if ever I found the bag or find something similar.

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