Tokyo Girls Collection Shop in Japan Town at Vertis North

TGC Shop at Ayala Malls Vertis North

Tokyo Girls Collection is known for their huge semiannual fashion festival in Japan but they have also done events in the U.S., China, Thailand and Indonesia.

Hallohallo Inc., Mitsubishi Corp, Ayala Land of the Ayala Group has partnered with W Tokyo to open up a Tokyo Girls Collection Shop or "TGC Shop" at Ayala Malls Vertis North!

The location will be in the back, near Japan Fudo Street and Timezone

Reportedly, the TGC shop is going to be around 4,230 sqm. Apart from the shop area, there's gonna be space for events complete with a runway.

TGC Shop at Ayala Malls Vertis North

They will choose up to 20 "kawaii" Japanese fashion brands which will carry accessories, clothing and lots of other stuff that will best represent their theme of "bringing Japan's real clothes to the world".

Hallohallo will focus on managing the shop, while W Tokyo will stay closely involved by handpicking the brands and running promotions and events.

SHOWROOM is a Japanese live streaming service looking to expand in the Philippines as well, and has teamed  up with W Tokyo to stream events and product demos from the TGC shop.

photo by Hallo Hallo Inc from - contains key points and layout of the store

I don't know what brands they'll bring here, but I hope PUNYUS will be one of them. You can read my top picks of Japanese fashion brands that I hope will be available at the TGC shop here:

Another news: an entertainment facility by teamLab will also open soon in Glorietta. I frequently see photos from teamLab exhibitions around Instagram which looks super amazing so this is exciting news.

The main focus areas would be teamLab Jungle and Cool Japan. TeamLab Jungle would serve as a cafe - restaurant during the day and a club - bar at night. They want to develop a really interactive art and music experience. Shows by MNL48 will also be scheduled there.

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