Visiting Mandarin Supermarket in Binondo

Mandarin Supermarket is located on the ground floor of the Mandarin Square building at Ongpin Street, Binondo. I wanted to arrive at 8:00am to take some pictures while there's not much people around. When I went there, it was still a few minutes before 8:00am and the supermarket signage was still turned off, but when I looked down the hallway I saw someone with grocery bags so I went in (please note their opening time is listed at 8:00am so don't blame me if you decide to go earlier than that and its still closed).

Apart from Chinese goods, they have some Korean and Japanese items (mainly Korean noodles and ice cream then Japanese chocolates, toys, curry and noodles). They also carry local products so they don't exclusively carry East Asian goods. I wanted to take as much photos as I can but there were boxes littered around so it was hard to stand in front of some of the aisles. Anyway, here are some of the photos I managed to take:


They only had the zero calorie/sugar cream soda in stock :(

More tea and fruit juices

Hi-C!!!! Sold in packs of 6


Yogurt milk drinks and milk tea

Want Want Little Mantou! I wanted to buy it T-T

Lots of ready to eat sausages and meat paper strips


Chicken leg and feet in vacuum pouches

Flavored microwavable rice

Self heating hot pot! I will get this next time

Lots of noodles! They also have a lot of non instant noodles available, like individually packaged 100g udon

They also have toys - Kracie Poppin here is cheap! Around 185php if I remember correctly

Milk and probiotic drinks

Other stuff that I didn't take a photo of:
- candies/chocolates/biscuits other snack items
- Chinese cooking ingredients, too bad I can't find any tianjang and huangdoujiang (I dunno if salted yellow soybean sauce is the same as huangdoujiang, the characters on the bottle doesn't even say yellow but it says yellow soybean on the tag). 
- cookware, utensils, tableware
- other non edible products like detergents, toiletries etc.

Here are the stuff that I got:

From top left to right, clockwise:
- cup noodles, only bought them because of the packaging. The red one with pig design is pork dumpling flavor while the Hello Kitty one has a Japanese Soy Sauce flavor
- sausages, crab stick and pork paper strips
- instant noodles again. I know Chapagetti can be commonly seen in SM/Robinson's Supermarket but I always buy some when I see one
- Hi-C apple flavor
- strawberry and banana yogurt milk
- lemon Coca-Cola and Want Want milk
- Schweppes zero cream soda. I prefer the regular one but this'll do
Unknown said...

Do your supermarket can COD to alabang muntinlupa city??

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