POBOX.PH Air Shipping Review 2018

I wanted to purchase some supplements but the local sellers I usually buy supplements from doesn't have them. I've seen other sellers selling them, along with those alarmingly cheap fake/expired 40 peso lip tints so I didn't want to risk it and decided to just buy them from Amazon.

POBox.ph - it's their 10 year anniversary this year!
POBox.ph charges $6.50 per pound or per volumetric weight (whichever is higher) for their air shipping service. They also have a minimum chargeable fee (3 lbs.) so minimum air shipping rate is $19.50 on top of the additional 10% of the declared value of shipped items. I'm not sure if they have different rates for certain items like gadgets.

Same drill as their sea cargo box: 
- purchase the items and ship it to their warehouse
- add the items to your account (item name, quantity, store purchased from, tracking if available, etc.)
- wait for them to mark the items as 'received'
- request for shipping
- wait for them to pack/box and ship your items

I didn't expect they would mark the items as received fast, so I haven't checked their site for a week. I feel stupid because it delayed my order (they marked the items as received 1 working day after the actual date). Anyway, once I logged in, I requested shipping via air and it took them around 2 working days to calculate the total amount.

15th February - all items arrived at the warehouse according to the tracking
16th February - items were marked as received
23rd February - kicking myself for not checking the website earlier, requested for invoice
27th February - date packed!!!
28th February - I haven't paid yet but they already marked the items as 'packed' so I paid through Paypal
8th March - I haven't checked back in a while again, and the items were marked as shipped but I had no idea when exactly, so I sent an email to ask them when my stuff was shipped and if there is a tracking number available
9th March - replied with tracking number from LBC (hmmm, so they just use LBC's ShippingCart?). They said it will be delivered to their office first, then they'll deliver it to my address
10th March - I tracked the item as received in their office, now I just have to wait for them to repack(?) and deliver the item
14th March - I received a text from FastTrackPH saying they're gonna deliver my package within the day, and they delivered my items in the afternoon

Came in this small Amazon box, around 10-11'' in length

Overall it was okay. I still prefer sea/ocean cargo shipping because you can't beat the price (and waiting a little over a month isn't that long). Obviously, if you want your items in less than 2 weeks, then go for air shipping. There might be cheaper/faster options available elsewhere though, so I recommend reading other reviews first to compare the prices.

Unknown said...

It kinda sucks. Yes, displayed is $6.5/lbs. At first they charged me with $22 for a 3lbs shoe, which is fine because it’s air cargo so I thought maybe it was quite higher because it should be just $19.5 then on the second box requested, I am being charged with $98 for 2 pairs of shoes which weighs just 6.2 lbs. The numbers just don’t add up considering I requested my 2nd box to be shipped via sea cargo. 😅

Anonymous said...

They are scammer, yeah before they are good but today they are not able to ship the items they had in their warehouse. Beware of this company!

Lorenzo Dansby said...

I liked the service of this company, Send package very attentively and responsible. the order arrived at the corresponding time. It's very nice and excellent to use

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