If I Can't Even Afford Ramen I'll Eat The Rich Context

What the If I Can't Even Afford Ramen I'll Eat The Rich protest sign is about

I've been seeing this photo on social media but it seems most people don't know the context behind it.

If I Can't Even Afford Ramen I'll Eat The Rich

People are quick to identify which specific brand of boots the person on the photo was wearing (as well as pointing out that the clothes, makeup, glasses and hair cut looks expensive as well).

It has been bothering me that people are taking the sign too literally. The keyword is "if".

IF ramen can't be afforded, a rich person will be eaten instead.

Since we haven't received any reports of a rich person getting cannibalized, I guess it's safe to assume the knee high buckle boot wearing protester can still afford ramen.

A quick Google search leads to this news article about a protest held last 29th November by students of the University of Washington regarding the proposed graduate school tax of Trump's administration. (To get an insight on how much this will cost students: The House Just Voted to Bankrupt Graduate Students)

Basically, the protesters just wanted to pressure the Congress members of Washington to vote against the tax reform bill.

It doesn't really matter if the person on that photo was wearing expensive shoes, designer clothing or cheap knock-offs from Aliexpress.

The protest sign was just expressing that due to high(er) education cost, it may come to a point that basic necessities might have to be sacrificed (even ramen - a quintessential college staple).

It could have been worded better so people who don't know the context won't jump to conclusions but the bottom line is they just don't want education to be more expensive than it already is.

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