Kiko Mizuhara at the Met Gala 2017

Kiko Mizuhara recently attended her first Met Gala, which was a huge surprise because she dropped no hints about it at all. Just a few hours before it started, she posted a photo on Instagram about getting ready to attend and taking over V magazine's IG story covering the Met Gala.

From @i_am_kiko and @vmagazine IG story

From @nicolaformichetti IG story, who also styled Kiko for this event

A short background on the Met Gala. It's an annual charity event for Met Museum's Costume Institute, where they get most of their funding. Around 600 people attend this event (although the number is less this year), where tickets start at $20000 for attending and reportedly may go as high up as a $250000 for a table inside. Celebrities go in for free but they are very picky about selecting the attendees. Anna Wintour, Vouge editor-in-chief and chair of this event has the final say on the guest list. Inside the ball, there is entertainment and dinner for the guests, as well as them getting the first look at the exhibition. 

The theme this year, which a lot of attendees seemed to ignore was "Avant-Garde". The exhibition to be opened at Met Museum's Costume Institute this year (titled "The Art of the In-Between") is dedicated to Rei Kawakubo and the brand Comme des Garçons. While I appreciate the vision and artistry behind Rei Kawakubo's designs, it is intimidating for most people (like me) that's why I'm not surprised that most of the attendees for the Met Gala opted not to follow the theme. I personally think it was a bit of a killjoy for the celebrity attendees to skip the theme, especially since they have the means to at least try.

Kiko looks great as usual, but as you can see her look is on the safe side. She is wearing a vintage (from 2007, I don't know if that's already vintage in fashion years? haha) Martin Margiela Artisanal Ring Top. It looks cool, but not exactly avant-garde.

I think she purposely chose to wear something she personally likes rather than go with the theme. She really likes show girl type of bras/tops (I don't know what to call it lol, but she frequently posts those sparkly and flashy show girl bras/tops on her IG stories). Her shoulders are also too narrow and her upper body is smaller in comparison to her lower body, so the coat draped over her shoulders added bulk and balanced everything out.

I'll leave you all with a video of Kiko posted by Vogue on their Instagram (btw the song on the video below is BOSS'D UP by Aubrn (feat. Gorilla Zoe)

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