Kiko Mizuhara Plastic Surgery

Personally, I don’t think she has but if she did I want the doctor’s contact information. Thanks.

By the way this is a long ass post, so grab a drink and make yourself comfy.

Anyway, when people say that Kiko had plastic surgery done, they always show the same photos. Which is weird because Kiko has been modelling since she was 13. She’s got to have a lot of photos to choose from but we always see the same ones. It seems that people have been posting/choosing bad photos on purpose to prove their point.

We’ll take a look at what this websites says (because it’s the top result when you search for Kiko Mizuhara plastic surgery)

Jaw Line / Chin Bone Line

Exhibit A

This picture says that she has jaw line / chin bone surgery because her jaw is now more defined.

While Kiko has always been on the skinny side; her weight has actually been fluctuating when she was younger (she previously mentioned that she doesn't like working but especially when she was younger, but she sees the need to so she tries to work out these days). You can see a weight difference between a photo of her in ViVi June 2010, plus a photo of her in 2016 for the NOVA Borderless campaign

Here is a picture of her when she just won the Seventeen JP magazine’s modelling contest (13 years old); she is really skinny here so you can see her jaw is really prominent.

The example in the plastic surgery blog is from ViVi September 2008 issue, so let’s compare other photos from LITERALLY the same issue. In the other shots her jaw line looks pretty defined to me. It’s just a matter of choosing an angle where it looks obvious.

Double Eyelid

Exhibit B

The plastic surgery blog says that Kiko has now a clearer double eyelid. The first photo is from ViVi September 2008 (AGAIN). Some sources say middle photo is from Maquia February 2012 (I don’t have a copy so I can’t verify that), but the last photo is shot for Nicola Formichetti’s Fantasia Project in 2012 and shown in Dazed magazine.

Here’s the scan for the whole page so y’all know I’m not just making up the ViVi issue month/year

Now here’s an even older photo of Kiko from November 2007  ViVi where she got a really clear and prominent eyelid

Now, here are random pictures of Kiko with small eyelid shape/size AFTER 2012 (the evidence of a clearer double eyelid on the plastic surgery website was shot in 2012, hence I’m placing pictures after 2012)

Either Kiko goes to surgery back and forth so sometimes her eyelids are big and sometimes they look small or she uses eyelid glue or something. Well, she might not be using eyelid glue but I believe that make-up and posing/angles contribute to that.

For those who don't know what eyelid glue is

Eyelid crease shape can change temporarily; hence Kiko’s eyelid shape sometimes looking really big and sometimes looking small. Just research for your self on what factors causes temporary eyelid crease shape change, but I recommend reading below:

Nose Job

Exhibit C

The first picture is the headshot used on TGC (Tokyo Girls Collection) 2008 model line up. Second is again from ViVi September 2008. Third photo from Nicola Formichetti’s Fantasia Project featured on Dazed back in 2012 and the last photo, allegedly also from 2012, February issue of Maquia.

Since the first two photos from above are from 2008, let’s look at a photo of Kiko in 2007 (ViVi November 2007). Her nose appears sharper when viewed from the side.

Let me just say that I’ve always noticed that Kiko’s nose doesn’t look defined when looking at front view. Cue in one of her well recognized photos taken in 2010, specifically when they had an interview for the the movie I’M FLASH. I’ve placed in other pictures of her in the interview wearing the same sleeveless turtleneck so y’all know I’m not just pulling the info regarding where the pics are from out of my ass.

Point is, you wouldn’t really guess that her nose looks sharp when viewed at the side just by looking at the front view or if the angle is not right. Here are some of her pictures between 2015-2016 where her nose looks roundish (Outtake from High Cut Korea 2015 shoot, Emoda SS16 official photo and screenshot from promo video, then selfie from Panasonic Beauty released 2017 but most likely shot late 2016).

To wrap everything up, we can’t really know for certain if Kiko had plastic surgery. Does it matter? Not to me. If it does to you, I hope everything I placed here helped you draw conclusion.

I’ll just leave you with photos from Kiko’s unfortunate eyebrow teenage years (credits to little希子), along with more recent photos so you can see side by side that apart from the eyebrows she looks a lot similar to her younger pictures. Everyone goes through an awkward phase and peoples appearances change all the time. And styling, make up and eyebrows can make a lot of difference.

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