Kiko Mizuhara Filmography TV Drama Series

Please don’t ask me for links where to watch.

2013 NHK Yae no Sakura 八重の桜

Played the role of Ōyama Sutematsu (大山捨松); a prominent social figure during the Meiji era.

2014 NHK Shitsuren Chocolatier 失恋ショコラティエ

Played the role of Kato Erena (加藤 えれな). I watched this one. She and Souta (the male lead played by Matsumoto Jun) are both frustrated from having unrequited loves and they ended up becoming fuck buddies. Erena ended up catching up feelings for Souta.

2014 Nobunaga Concerto 信長協奏曲

Played the role of Oichi (お市). She’s the younger sister of Nobunaga Oda. I can’t remember much, Kiko’s role was very minor she only appeared prominently in one or two episodes then just bits and pieces after that. To resolve a conflict she had to marry into some clan which was sad because she and Tsuneoki (one of Nobunaga/Saburo’s followers) had a little something going on. Nothing major but there was an obvious attraction. Anyway, she did end up falling in love with her husband but her husband’s clan was trashed in the end.

2015 Fuji TV Cabin Attendant Detective – New York Murder Case キャビンアテンダント刑事~ニューヨーク殺人事件~

Played the role of Kimoto Akari (not sure about the romaji) 木元亜佳里 

2015 Fuji TV Kokoro ga Pokitto ne (Crazy For Me) 心がポキっとね

Played the role of Hayama Miyako (葉山みやこ).

2016 Kazoku no Katachi (家族ノカタチ) 

Played the role of Tanaka Rina (田中莉奈)

2017 War of Lie / Uso no Senso 嘘の戦争

Played the role of Haruka Tokura (十倉ハルカ)

Minor Rant On Japanese Televsion Industry Which You Don’t Have To Read

Also apologizing in advance as my English is not that great.. so there are many grammar mistakes ahead.
I don’t think Kiko Mizuhara is good at acting but to be honest I don’t expect much from Japanese actors/actresses or the Japanese TV industry in general. Obviously I know Kiko isn’t Japanese ethnically, but having grown up and exposed most of her life to Japan I’ll just lump her with Japanese TV actors/actresses for the time being.
Japan is a rich country but most of the TV shows have very poor production value. I’ve always thought that maybe TV is not that big in Japan because TV shows, whether drama, reality shows, or talk shows it looks cheap, gaudy and tacky.
Don’t get me wrong; most of what I’ve watched I found entertaining. It’s just that I feel that they can do a LOT better. Specifically in the production and acting department.
Take a look at Korea for example. They really banked on the popularity of tv shows and movies internationally (and paved the way for Kpop popularity) and go all out. While I do think that most Korean dramas are just reused plots, they’ve perfected the formula of making people addicted to keep on watching and keep them eagerly waiting for new ones even though everyone knows that it’s just the same old cliched show again but dressed in new good looking lead actors and high production budget. Acting is also quite solid most of the time, although also susceptible to over acting but in a good way.
Back to Japanese TV shows – specifically the actors. I find the acting really weird and over the top. Two Jdramas that have a special place in my heart are Nodame Cantabile and Akihabara@deep. Even though I love those two shows to bits, I often cringe from the bad acting.
I basically gave up on watching Japanese dramas (last one that I watched fully was Nobunaga Concerto, I think), but if you have recommendations please let me know.

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