Fiancee Pure Shampoo Body Mist Eau De Cologne Review

Just a quick shoutout to one of my favorite scents

Fiancee Pure Shampoo Body Mist Eau De Cologne

Fiancee Pure Shampoo Body Mist Eau De Cologne

I think each person has a unique smell which is not unpleasant (as long as the person is considerably hygienic). So I usually don't like it when someone puts on too much fragrance as it messes up a persons natural smell.

Not that I obsess on a persons scent though like this guy

However I find Fiancee Pure Shampoo Body Mist quite pleasant. It really does smell like someone who just took a bath (and shampooed their hair). The scent is very faint after 3 hours but that's to be expected. It retails at less than $12 in Japan and is actually one of the most popular fragrances there.

Here are the notes and ingredients:

Top notes
Lemon, Green Apple

Middle notes
Jasmine, Muguet

Base note
Musk, Wood

Ingredients: Ethanol, water, DPG(DIPROPYLENE glycol), perfume/fragrance

Back of the bottle containing generic information

Body Mist
Scent of Pure Shampoo
Eau de Cologne
When it does not fit your skin,
please discontinue use.

Ida Laboratories Co., Ltd.
Ichigaya honmura-Cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 1-1
Contact Information 0120441184
IDA Laboratories
Made in Japan
Plastic: Cap, Pump
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