Bobbie Nails Twinsies Nail Polish Review (Lavender & Honey - Pea & Mint)

I don't even know why I bought these. I blame the glitter. I'm a sucker for sparkly, glittery items.

Got this at Robinsons Supermarket - Bobbie Nails Twinsies

Bobbie Nails Twinsies
A few years back I got into a nail polish craze phase and I had a lot of fond memories with Bobbie nail polish. When I first got hooked on nail polish, I never knew there were so many kinds available (matte, textured, gel, crackle, creme, flake, holo, neon, jelly, pearl, shimmer, foil, suede, duochrome, etc.) and Bobbie had a lot of nail polish variants (although most of it are retired now) and it was nice having something cheap to turn to whenever I want to try something out. 

In my experience though, the formula of their nail polish turns weird after some time (much faster than other nail polish brands) but since they are cheap I never really cared.

Even though my expectations aren't high, I was still disappointed with this. I don't know if it was deliberate, but the non-glitter nail polish has a really weird texture. It seems normal on the bottle, but there is a weird, gritty sand like stuff on it when applied. Not good gritty like Zoya's PixieDust but more a few random bits of sand got mixed in with your nail polish. Two coats for full coverage for both mint and lavender.

Sorry for the blur! Too lazy to take another pic. Bobbie Nails Twinsies in Lavender & Honey

Bobbie Nails Twinsies in Pea & Mint

Since I was covering it with the glitter anyway, I was going to look past that. However when I opened the glitter side the entire thing smells straight up like Rugby (a brand of contact cement) I actually wondered if I'll get high from inhaling it. The formula was bad. Although it is expected of glitter polishes to have be thicker than normal nail polish, it doesn't even spread well. It was the same for both the Lavender & Honey and the Pea & Mint so I am wondering if I just got bad stocks or not. I had to use a few drops of Seche Restore to somewhat fix the formula but I didn't want to use too much since by bottle is more than halfway empty and I was saving it for future emergencies lol. Anyway, half a dropper improved the way they glide on the nails. 

Here are some pics; I purposely made the picture size small so you can't zoom in and see how sloppily it was painted on lol. Also, my nails are short.

Bobbie Nails Twinsies - Lavender and Honey - I kind of like this one because of the stars

Bobbie Nails Twinsies - Pea and Mint

I personally won't buy it again but I would still recommend it to young people (12 years old and younger). Even though the texture and formula isn't perfect, it would probably suffice for kids who just want to have something colorful and glittery on their nails. They also had other colours available like pink and blue. It would be great for kids who want to experiment on nail colour without their parents having to shell out a lot of money.

They are sold at 60php each at Robinsons Supermarket although you can also buy them at other supermarkets and drugstores.
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