Bobbie Nail Creme Galactic Night Nail Polish Review (Cosmic & Meteorite)

I bought these the same time as Bobbie Nails Twinsies - I was hoping they would release holo colours but I guess Bobbie Nail Creme Galactic Night is the closest they have.

Bobbie Nail Creme Galactic Night Nail Polish in Cosmic and Meteorite
They formula is great; they go on really smooth on your nails without a problem.

I didn't like Cosmic at first, it looks like a normal pink shimmer/pearl nail polish although it looks slightly purple depending on the fluorescent lighting. It's a universally flattering colour though so I kind of like it now. It goes on sheer though, I used 3 coats for full coverage.

Bobbie Nail Creme Galactic Night Nail Polish - Cosmic
I was excited with Meteorite because it's the cheapest duochrome nail polish I've seen. One coat is enough, although I've painted another layer just because. The duo colour is not that obvious, gold is the predominant colour, and you have to play with the lights and move your hands back and forth to see the green (or is it blue). 

Bobbie Nail Creme Galactic Night Nail Polish - Meteorite
Will I purchase again? Yeeeees. It's the cheapest duochrome polish I've seen. The forula is nice although I'm not sure until when it will last before the formula turns thick and sticky. I hope they sell holo too.

These are priced at 79.75 each at Robinsons Supermarket although Bobbie Nail Polish is also available at other supermarkets, groceries and drugstores.
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