Rohto Cool 40α Eye Drops Review ロートクール40α

I don't really use eye drops but was really intrigued when I read somewhere that this brand of eye drops is like 'crack for you eyes'. This is a different variant from what I read about, but this was the one that was easily available to me.

Enter Rohto Cool 40α Eye Drops

Rohto Cool 40α Eye Drops
It's main ingredients are:
- Vitamin E to aid blood circulation and relieve eye strain
- Vitamin B6 for cell regeneration
- Sodium Chondroitin sulfate to soothe the cornea
- Potassium L-aspartate to increase oxygen absorption

I'm unsure if this is the whole ingredients list, but here it is:
 acetic acid d-α- tocopherol (natural vitamin e) 0. 05% vitamin b6 0. 1% sodium chondroitin sulfate 0. 1% potassium l- aspartic acid 1% neosuchi gummy down methyl sulfate 0. 005% 0. 03% chlorpheniramine maleate

More photos of the packaging



Other Side
My eyes weren't feeling particularly fatigued or anything, so I just went in and used it.

There was a mild, minty sting. I couldn't open my eyes for a few seconds and I was a bit teary eyed after. Again, my eyes were fine beforehand so I didn't feel it did anything except sting my eyes so I decided I would give it another go when my eyes were dry or fatigued. 

Fast forward to around 3am, I was sleepy af but I want to keep on playing some game on my laptop. I decided this is now the time to try the eyedrops again. It still stings but it actually perked me up for about an hour before I start feeling sleepy again.

It has almost been a month since I started using this, and yes it still stings but it doesn't bother me anymore. I don't use it everyday, just when I'm super sleepy and I need to stay up some more. I actually want to try the cooler variants! I think this is just level 3 coolness, but it goes up to level 7.

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