Tony Moly Delight Petite Cotton BB Cream Honey Beige Review

I honestly forgot about this product. I remember buying this last January but I discovered cushion bb creams (only tried one out for the first time this year) and I forgot that I had this. 

I actually like this more than the bb creams that I was using prior to this (the pink Skin79 and Canmake). Canmake was working for me well before my face got tanned due to prolonged sun exposure because it has more yellow tint than usual bb creams from Korean brands. Korean bb creams tend to give me a white cast (on indoors lighting but not visible outdoors) I specifically chose a darker shade than what I would normally get. It turned out to be a great foresight as I'm tanned right now and the Honey Beige shade is perfect. 

At first I really wasn't expecting much as it was cheap. I bought it online on sale for less than 300php ($6.5) but on the online store I bought it from sells it at 395php regular price (around $8.6). I don't know if it's cheaper on the actual Tony Moly store but it is nice to buy stuff from direct stores sometimes if you are planning on buying several items from a specific brand. I remembered the last time I visited a Tony Moly store I got a free make up pouch. 

I was surprised that the coverage is good. It didn't covered all skin imperfections but the coverage is better than I expected. And it actually looked natural on my face - perfect when I need to look at least halfway decent but too lazy for anything more than slapping bb cream on my face.

Another thing that I look for in a bb cream is how easy it is to spread (by patting) as I don't really like tugging my face unnecessarily so if something doesn't spread well I would stop using it. This spreads easily though, which is great. 

It's also not dewy, so it's perfect for those who want a semi matte finish (it says it has a matte finish, but I would say it's semi matte).

Would I buy again? Yes! It's a good, solid bb cream on its own. And the price is affordable so it's hard not to like!
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