Althea Korea Philippines Review

Althea Korea has been available to other Asian countries like Singapore and Malaysia but they have officially launched here in the Philippines last February 15. I'm sure you've seen them around as there were a slew of advertisements on Facebook (as well as write ups from bloggers).

Upon looking at their website, the pricing is indeed cheaper than what I would usually find locally. They always have promos going on, and there was a brief time I considered buying from them because they were selling Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel for 0 bucks (free!). I actually still have an almost full tub of it, but it's a great product for unexpected use (mosquito bite relief and quick skin cooling effect among others) so it's great to have an extra tub lying around. Maybe I should review it sometime. 

Anyway, after adding the items on the cart I forgot about it and the free Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel promo ended but they had a promo on Easter. You just need to find the Easter Egg on the website and add it to your cart to get 450php worth of 'surprise'. They got me at surprise. I love surprises. I have to purchase right then and there.

The shipping was pretty fast considering it came direct from Korea. I forgot how many days was it, but for my second purchase (which I will tackle in another post) I got the items in less than 5 working days.

I didn't really bought much, just some cream, eyebrow gel and several mask sheets. The 'surprise' was a discount coupon and a Laneige Original Essence White Plus Renew 10ml sample. It was meh to be honest but I know I shouldn't be choosy as it is free and I shouldn't be ungrateful. The packaging was nice though. I am actually using the box now for storage although I teared off the top part because it was a hassle opening/reopening the box.

Would I repurchase from them? Yes, I actually just did last week lol. The shipping is fast and the items are slightly cheaper. However, I think I still prefer pre-ordering from my favorite Korean cosmetics seller on FB. Since its pre-order, I also get the items cheap. Shipping does take longer (about a month) but I do get a lot of freebies from her. I would probably still buy from Althea in the future, but hope that they get more brands soon.

Apparently they have a referral program. If you sign up using the link below you get 50php worth of credits on top of the 150php sign up bonus fee

Link Here
Coupon Code:   neknekenken

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