Three Meals A Day - Gate To The Night Tea

Three Meals a Day - Gate to the Night Tea
I remember googling Gate to the Night Tea when they first had it at 'Three Meals a Day' but I guess since the English Sub from Channel M is a loose translation of the tea I couldn't find any info. Or maybe my Google Search skills that day was weak.

I really liked 3 Meals a Day so I was really bummed out that it ended last year. I suddenly remembered the tea that they always drink; I don't really like tea that much (I drink it when it's there but it's not a staple item for me except the sugar loaded flavored instant tea drinks) but I'm just really curious since they seem to like drinking that tea especially Kim Kwang Kyu.

Apparently, the tea they are drinking is Yagwanmun (야관문 - Chinese name 夜关门 - scientific name Lespedeza Cuneata). The Korean and Chinese pronunciation are similar. If I try translating it using Google Translate (by separating each character because if you translate it as one word it gives you the pronunciation instead) in Korean it says Pavillion's Door while it says Night Door Shut in Chinese which I guess translates to Door to the Night / Gate to the Night as it is described on the show.

It's described as a tea good for men, called a natural Viagra and can also help with other issues such as lack of stamina and premature ejaculation. While it has other supposed benefits (for coughs, stomach pains. liver and kidney problems etc.) it is mainly marketed as an aphrodisiac and male performance enhancer.

The plant Lespedeza Cuneata is native to Asia and Australia. It was introduced in the U.S. at 1896, mainly used for erosion control/soil control, mine reclamation and livestock forage. But it is now classified as an invasive weed (several states in America have restrictions to this plant). 

You may be able to find Yagwanmun tea in traditional Asian markets but you can also easily find them in websites like Gmarket and Amazon.

nadzirjamal said...

I'm currently watching 3MAD-JV and so i googled Gate To The Night tea when i saw LSJ drinking a whole bottle of it for more information and it brought me to your page . still not clear, gonna Google some more

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