Kambingan ni Mang Ben

I love Kalderetang Kambing. Every time I visit the province I would really look forward to eating this. When I heard that there was a place serving goat meat near me, I really wanted to go right away. Good thing I had business near the area so I inevitably passed by it earlier today!

I almost missed Kambingan ni Mang Ben; while it had a red awning, signs and everything the place is small and there was a car obstructing the place (although the car went on its way shortly).

They have a table inside, but the staff was using it when I got there. They have al fresco seating available, maybe around 2-3 tables.

I bought Kaldereta and Sinampalukang Kambing - costing 90 pesos each. They also have pork sisig available, although I'm not sure how much it is as it wasn't indicated on the menu. I love sisig so I didn't asked so I won't be tempted to buy lol

My Dad liked the Sinampalukang Kambing a lot. Honestly I haven't tasted Sinampalukang (of any variety) before. I thought it would taste like Sinigang but I guess it does taste what you would expect of a tamarind soup. It was also a little spicy, it was due to the abundance of diced ginger I think (I don't think I've scooped up a spoonful of it without getting gingers also). But it was alright, not enough to make you reach a glass of water, just enough to give the soup a kick. The serving for the Sinampalukang Kambing can be stretched for two, since the soup was plenty.

The Kaldereta was okay. It was a little underwhelming as the one that my Aunt cooks back in Cebu tastes so much better. The serving size is awkward also; too many for one but not enough for two.

I might go back there next week, and I think I want to try their Adobo next!

Kambingan ni Mang Ben

536 M.Naval corner Alpha Street, Navotas, Metro Manila
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