Gaz Ready to Drink Cocktails in Strawberry Margarita & Green Appletini

I was passing by the liquor section when I chanced upon this. It caught my eye as it looked so out of place, looking like a kid's juice pouch amidst the sea of liquor.

Gaz RTD Cocktails Strawberry Margarita

Enter Gaz RTD Cocktails in Strawberry Margarita. According to the packaging, it's a mix of strawberry, triple sec, lime and tequila. I also have the other flavor Green Appletini, containing apple honey dew, melon and vodka. I think this is the first time I saw a ready to drink cocktail in a doypack.

I thought it would be fun to try this out while working (relax, I work from home) so I opted to drink this for my afternoon pick me up instead of what I usually drink (entirely wholesome like fruit juice or milk). 

Gaz RTD Cocktails Green Appletini

Well, let's just say I would not drink this for it's taste. The fault probably lies within me. First of all, I don't really drink that much. Despite having a surprisingly high tolerance for alcohol, liking its taste is still really something I have yet to 'acquire'. But between the two, I like Green Appletini better than Strawberry Margarita.

Calories in each pack is 98. I think it's lower than the average calories in a bottle of beer, and the alcohol content in Gaz is slightly higher (so you'll probably get drunk faster) so this may be a good alternative for those who are concerned with calories and shit.

I forgot how much each pack is, but I don't think I paid more than 30php for this. Will update the price when I swing by the grocery again. This is good news for young people, especially college students ( of legal drinking age okay :3 ) since they will be able to afford these. 

Gaz RTD cocktails is also very convenient. I see this being great for out of town trips so you don't have to lug bottles around (and you can dispose of it easily!).  It would also be good for situations when you need to drink inconspicuously (just kidding - drink responsibly, people).  

Misc info:

Each pack is 200ml
14 Proof
7% Alc. by volume
Manufactured by:
Destilleria Limtuaco & Co., Inc (
Unknown said...

Where did you buy this po?

Kenken said...

Hi Grace, they are available at most supermarkets. I've seen them in all SM and Robinsons supermarkets I've been to. They were placed at the liquor section.

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