Fujifilm Instax Mini Hello Kitty Camera 40th Anniversary

I've always wanted an Instax, but it's not on my list of things that I really *really* want to buy. While it's cute and it's cool to have an instant physical copy of a photograph, frankly I'd rather spend my money on something else.

Until one day, I was browsing through a popular e-commerce site and saw this Fujifil Instax Mini Hello Kitty Camera! They only have like, 2 left in stock and I loooove Hello Kitty and it was priced cheaper than normal so I purchased one right away. I'll be eating cheap for a week or so but I have no regrets haha.

Fujifilm Instax Mini Hello Kitty - It's so cute!!

I think they have other Hello Kitty designs, but this one is for the 40th Anniversary last year. The camera looks small on the photo, but it is actually big. I read a review somewhere saying that the camera is as big as her face and I thought the reviewer probably just has a small, dainty face but when it arrived, to my surprise it is actually around the size of my face too.

The box
Apart from the camera, the kit also includes a strap, batteries, a 10 pack Hello Kitty film, Hello Kitty stickers and a close up lens - most of which I forgot to take a picture of (will update this post later). If I didn't attached the strap to the camera I might have forgotten to take a photo of it too lol. I didn't actually wanted to put in the strap as I don't want it to get dirty right away, however it took some effort placing it the straps on the sides that I didn't want to take it off after all the trouble. Plus it does look really cute hanging from my shoulders. It says in the manual not to hang the camera on your neck, I wonder if it was because the camera is heavy (at least heavier than I expected).

The camera has flash and different modes (you would have to turn the circle outside the lens to change modes). I've tried the close up lens but wasn't sure if I used it right since there was nothing different with the photo I took. I don't think I would be using it though as the close up lens snapped loudly when I took it off and for a second there I thought I damaged something.

Photo taken with the Instax Mini Hello Kitty Camera
As for the photo quality, it was pretty much what I expected. The photo above is the only photo I took under sunlight before I ran out of film (I bought some plain films first as I didn't wanted to waste the Hello Kitty films since I was still pretty much trying out the camera). It is actually pretty decent, especially if the lighting conditions are great.

I'm happy with my purchase but mostly because it is really cute. The regular Instax Mini does come in cute colours and would be worth the price if you're going to use it regularly, but I don't think I will be. So unless if you have a lot of money to burn, it would be probably be best to get an Instax if it's on sale (considering you do have to shell out some money for the film too; the store near our house sells the 10 pack for 380, so each picture costs 38php/$0.81. It is best to buy more than the 10 pack - the 20 pack is a teensy cheaper and once you whip your camera out of the bag everyone around you will want a picture so expect the film to run out fast).

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