Zalora Philippines Review

Zalora Philippines has been around since 2012 (I think?) but I only had the chance to try them out today.

I woke up at midnight and remembered I needed shoes. I've survived on sneakers, flats and flip flops until now and have successfully dodged events in which 'proper' shoes are the decorum, but it's too late to sit this one out (as I've already told my Uncle personally that I'll attend his wedding). I've looked at another local shopping site but didn't liked anything so I decided to try Zalora.

I wasn't looking for anything fancy; I wanted shoes with a manageable heel height and preferably in a wedge style since I feel there's less chance of me falling flat on my face in them. Also, it needs to be closed toe (in case I don't get my nails done) and in black (so I can also pair it with anything, lol) buuuut I don't really want a plain, black wedge shoe so I was hoping to find something with an extra something on it.

Zalora Low Wedge Shoes with Back Bow Detail

My shoe size is also pretty big and I had limited budget, so there wasn't many options but I was happy with my purchase. The material looks a little weird in the picture, but it looks so much better in person.

Also, since I've managed to find a coupon code online and I wanted my purchase to go above 995 (for free shipping) I decided to buy a bracelet as well.

River Island - Diamante Circle Bracelet

Anyway, I finished the checkout process at around 1 am. I was having some trouble completing the transaction using the debit card method - I've checked to see if my card has funds, if the address matches etc., but the order wasn't pushing through. I wasn't sure if this was the reason, but after inputting my debit card details, a note appeared below the total saying that there was a 20% off promo with UnionBank if you've bought items under the Zalora collection along with a redeem button underneath. I tried clicking (and not clicking) the redeem button but the order won't push through so I opted for COD which worked. I received an sms and email confirmation from Zalora after that. Come morning I received another sms from Zalora informing me that my items are to be delivered within the day(!), along with an email containing tracking number. I've read somewhere on the site that items that are marked with the express shipping icon are delivered in the same day as long as the order is placed before noon, but I didn't really noticed any express shipping icons on my order.

By 2pm, my order arrived!

There was a fancy ass black envelope on it containing stuff about Zalora's Brand Ambassador Program (which was also plastered all over their website). Basically, if you get approved to  join on their brand ambassador program, you'll get commissions from recruiting in new customers. You can redeem a minimum of 500php once you're balance is at least 1000php. I feel that it would be nicer if you can also use the money earned to buy items. People who would be interested in joining their brand ambassador program are likely recurring customers anyway, so I think they'll get lured into buying more stuff if they can use their money straight away. In turn, it can mean more promotion for Zalora (when the brand ambassadors show off their new purchase on social media sites). That's just me though.

Anyway, I think Zalora is a great for a fast wardrobe emergency solution if you don't have the time to trek to the mall. While my experience has been smooth, not everyone will. Mistakes sometimes happen  (ie. getting an item in the wrong size or colour) so just keep this in mind if you want to risk ordering an item close to the date you need it for. Prices vary on their site although I feel that I can buy cheaper items elsewhere so I don't think this will be my top choice for online clothes shopping.

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