Isehan Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Colouring Eyebrow 03 Ash Brown Review

I've bleached my hair over a week ago, and one thing that I've thought about is if I should bleach my eyebrows too. Usually, people would want to colour their eyebrows the same colour as their hair so it would look more natural, however the 'contrasting eyebrow' can also look really cool and edgy, so I decided to stick with my natural eyebrow colour. Also, I don't think I can fool anyone that my hair is naturally light anyway, lol. Well, I'm not too worried since I can always use Heavy Rotation Colouring Eyebrow to lighten up my brows whenever I feel like it. (Note: Don't expect your eyebrow colour to go many shades lighter especially if your eyebrows are dark to begin with. I just find that it while it colours the eyebrows quite subtlety it still makes dark brows less overpowering).  

Heavy Rotation Colouring Eyebrow - 03 Ash Brown
Anyway, I've been using Heavy Rotation Colouring Eyebrow in Ash Brown for a while now (even before bleaching my hair) and I really love it. It lightens my brows a little and helps them stay in place. My eyebrows are on the thick side and they have the tendency to look messy if they're not in place, so an eyebrow gel/mascara is a must for me (although this is the first one I've tried that is not clear). 

I wouldn't exactly call the resulting colour as "ash brown" but I'm not sure if it is just because my brows are dark. 

It is supposed to be resistant to sweat, water, sebum and even to rubbing and smudging but when I first used the product, I didn't find that to be the case. It's really hot where I live, and I would always mindlessly rub my forehead (and eyebrows) whenever I feel sweaty, and they would rub off right away. I don't see any colour residue on my forehead or elsewhere but they would just be gone. However, when I started setting my eyebrows, the colour actually stayed for the whole afternoon.

I would definitely buy this again, although I really want to try out the other colours as well (01 Yellow Brown and 02 Orange Brown).
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