Meal Kit Supply MRE Chicken Fajita (Menu 9) Review

Disclaimer: In light of the news late last year of the MREs supplied by the US military intended for the victims of "Yolanda" being sold in Makati, I just want to make it clear that this particular MRE I'm reviewing is a commercial MRE legally sold by Meal Kit Supply for personal/family emergency food supply use. I purchased the MRE at Amazon and have it shipped here (along with other items) through (will update the link for my review when I finally get around finishing my post on that).

MRE Chicken Fajita (Menu #9)
Chicken Fajita
The Chicken Fajita Filling was alright. I don't particularly like it since it tastes like canned afritada, but I can't remember which (Wow Ulam perhaps?)

Fried Rice
The Fried Rice was really weird. It was mushy (texture is quite close to glutinous rice minus the stickiness) and has a sweet taste, almost like a bland Champorado (chocolate rice porridge). This is easily solved by mixing in the rice into the chicken fajita filling so the taste of the rice would be unnoticeable.

The Tortillas were fairly basic in taste. Place some of the chicken fajita filling on the tortillas and you're good to go.

Spice Pound Cake
The Spice Pound Cake actually tastes good. The other foods were filling already (and I was sharing with my sister) so I would just probably save this one for later next time.

Pepper Sauce along with the spoon and others
The Pepper Sauce has just the right spice for me. I mixed it in the chicken fajita filling and it gave it a much needed kick without feeling the need to gulp down water with each bite.

Fried Rice, Tortillas, Chicken Fajita and Spice Pound Cake
I didn't get the chance to drink any of the beverage included in the pack until a couple of days after, and I forgot to take pictures of them out of the bag so here are my quick thoughts on them. 

Orange Carbohydrate Electrolyte Beverage Powder
There was nothing particularly unusual with the Orange Carbohydrate Electrolyte Beverage Powder although it was not as sweet as I thought it would be (but I accidentally put in too much water; you were just suppose to add 12oz/335ml water).

Cocoa Beverage Powder
My favorite would be the Cocoa Beverage Powder. The flavor is full and deep, sweet but also bitter. I was expecting it to taste like regular instant chocolate powder, so I was really surprised that it was almost as satisfying as drinking hot chocolate made from tablea. I wish there was more of this stuff (with water, it was only 6oz/177ml).

I haven't actually tasted the Coffee and Creamer, since I don't really drink coffee, but I imagine they would just taste like a normal instant coffee and creamer.

This is my first MRE and I was glad that I purchased it. It was cool watching the food heating up via the Flameless Ration Heater. I have another one (Maple Sausage Patty) which I have yet to open, but I would love to try out the others.
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