While browsing the website of Philippine National Red Cross, I saw the a news article about They were offering several pre-packaged relief goods for the victims of typhoon Yolanda, which was neat. Not only that, a portion of the proceeds from the donation packs would be given to the Philippine National Red Cross as a donation. I went ahead and browsed just to see what else they were selling. 

Truth to be told, I wasn't very impressed with their selection of goods apart from the Grocery section. Other local shopping websites usually only offer clothes, gadgets, toys and what not. I've seen some with food here and there, but a lot of the grocery items at are what you would usually get when you make a trip to your local supermarket (canned goods, condiments, laundry detergents among others). It's perfect for busy people with no time to do some grocery shopping. 

I live about 5 minutes (around 15 if you walk) away from a supermarket so I don't really need to buy groceries online, but have other items that I was interested in so I decided to give it a go.

The main thing that I loved about their service, was the flexible modes of payment and excellent customer service. I was about to pay using my EON card, but I forgot my transaction password so I chose bank deposit instead. They called to confirm my order so I went to the bank. I realize I have the wrong account number written down, and have no time to go to the bank again to deposit, so I texted them if it's okay if I paid with cash upon delivery instead. They said it was okay and that they would call me again a day ahead of the delivery. I can't remember if I received a confirmation call so I texted them again to be sure and to confirm when can I expect the delivery. They confirmed that my items would be going that day and would arrive after lunch.

I was really happy with their customer service because a lot of online shopping sites and fast food delivery services here would still require you to call a landline number or send an email (which would take ages for them to respond). Live chat support is also extremely rare, so I'm happy that all of my queries are just a text away (and they reply fast).

My items came in an orange tote bag
Other extra stuff they gave - two fans (the smaller one wasn't pictured here)

Unknown said...

how many hours did u have to wait for your orders..? :)

Kenken said...

I'm not sure how long they dispatch the orders, but I got the items around two days after placing the order online (The next day I went to the bank to pay, but copied the wrong account number down so I told them I would pay cash on delivery instead. I texted them again the next morning to ask when will the items be delivered, and they said it will arrive at my house after lunch).

Jan-Jan said... delivery service is great. My order was shipped for only 2 days. It's really an awesome online shopping site here in the Philippines that you can trust. You could give it a try and experience it :)

Dan said...

it's good to know that online shopping stores here in the philippines like has cash on delivery payment methods..this will benefit online shoppers who doesn't have credit cards or paypal accounts.. :D

Anonymous said...

Recently purchased some items (grocery and one small appliance).

The Customer Service is excellent with emails replies often within the hour (during normal business hours).

Delivery, however, was rather slow for our order. I think it was due to our item (small appliance) that was not stocked and seemed to take quite awhile to arrive.

What really impressed me was when everything was delivered the delivery service driver mistakenly requested a fee. I immediately called customer service and within minutes the driver returned and delivered the items.

Furthermore the management copied me in emails they sent to the delivery company reiterating no money is to be collected (unless, obviously, if it's a COD order).

Prior to shipping a couple items had to be substituted due to out of stock situation. They texted my wife and asked if it was okay to substitute. What was nice it that the items substituted were a bit nicer (larger) which again showed me some class on's part.

Am hoping if/when I order again that the time from payment to shipment to delivery is much shorter. I recommend this seller.

Anonymous said...

I'm experiencing the worst customer support from them right now. I had returned my item and waited for 2 weeks. I haven't heard from them after 2 weeks so I called they said that they were not able to check the warehouse for the package that I've returned so I waited for another week. Still haven't heard from them so I called again. They said that they couldn't locate the damage on the product sohas to eexplain the issue again. After 2 days I called again then asked me the very same question that I had to explain for the 3rd time. Then last Friday, again, I called to be asked the same question. Don't they put everything i said in writing?or a report? How many times did I have to call to resolve the issue. And on the 3rd week I received an email saying that they will send back the same item. Like, the hell? They made me wait for 3 weeks for nothing. Now they're returning the same damaged item that could harm my baby (it was a baby bullet baby food processor). So I asked for a refund instead they said they're gonna update me if I could get a refund but I guess the 'update' won't happen unless I call them myself.

Anonymous said...

CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS. Very very very bad experience. Not worth the money. CHEAP PRODUCTS should not mean VERY VERY VERY CHEAP SERVICE. It took month for my items to arrive and their customer service keeps on promising things they obviously cannot do. And when I demanded a refund, they said they will just credit the amount to my GOODS.PH account. HELL NO! I don't want to buy anything from your store ever again. Next time at least put some allowance to your lead time, like 1 year or 2 years before the items will arrive so your clients won't expect. Waste of time, money and energy to buy here.

Anonymous said...

JUNE 19 - ordered online a Soundpeats Qy7 V4.1 Bluetooth Mini Lightweight Wireless Headset as a fathers day gift for my husband. Was advised it will take 5 weeks for them to deliver because of the terms and conditions of selling the item under the discounted price items will be ordered and be sent out by batch and bulk. Agreed and paid everything in full via my credit card.

AUG 1 - Courier from 2GO came with the item but I was advised that I have to pay for the said item because it was labelled under COD. I informed the messenger that I already paid the item in full and showed him my credit card statement. The courier refused to give me the item and was advised to call to clarify the information and inform his supervisor about the issue.

Called and it shows in their records that the item was paid in full using my credit card, I was advised by the agent that they will inform their logistics team about this issue and have the item redelivered that same day. Courier never came back.

AUG 8 - Received item and found out that the item was defective. Called again to inform them of the defective item and was told that I have to send the item back via courier. They did not explain clearly the process and was given the impression that I needed to pay for return shipping even if it wasn't my fault that the item I received was defective.

AUG 9 - Sent an email about my complaint and was advised that I need to print and fill out their return form and go to the nearest 2GO hub to have the item returned. I have to inform 2GO that the item needs to be returned to seller. I had to call and email twice for them to send me a copy of the return form.

AUG 14 - Filled out the necessary paperwork and visited 2GO to have the item returned. Was advised by 2GO that doesnt have an account with them and they cannot receive and return the item. Asked 2GO of I can use their landline to call Talked to Pauline and explained my issue asked her to talk to the 2GO agent to clear things out. In short nothing happened 2GO still wouldnt accept the item. Informed Pauline that I wanted a refund instead of a replacement because I just don't want to deal with them anymore because of all the hassle and frustration.

Pauline explained that she couldn't issue a refund and was apologetic. She informed me that she will have somebody pickup the item at my house and have it replaced instead.

AUG 18 - 2GO came to my house to pick up the broken headset. Informed that damaged item was already picked by the courier and process my request for a replacement.

AUG 26 - Still no response from checked the tracking # at 2GO's website and status showed that the item was received last AUG 21 by their logistics team. Sent them an email asking for updates even sent them a private message thru their facebook acct. No response.

AUG 27 - Called and was informed that they received the item but they couldn't issue a replacement because item is currently out of stock and they wouldnt know when the item will be available. i informed the agent that I bought the item as a fathers day gift for my husband. It now has been 3 months, asked for a refund instead. Agent declined and informed me its upon approval of their accounting dept. Unfortunately their accounting department is currently closed and he wouldn't process my complaint until the next day (take note: I called on a Thursday at 2:30pm). I informed him to either call or email me right away for updates because this issue has been ongoing and I had it!

Today is 4 Sept 2015 and I still haven't received any updated from them. Via text or email.

Unknown said...

Oh geez i dunno. Im hearing bad stuff about their customer service. I am quite skeptic about purchasing items because I had an enquiry that I sent thru email but I haven't heard anything from them and it has been a week now. :( umpisa palamg bad shot n agad. Tsk

Unknown said...

Oh geez i dunno. Im hearing bad stuff about their customer service. I am quite skeptic about purchasing items because I had an enquiry that I sent thru email but I haven't heard anything from them and it has been a week now. :( umpisa palamg bad shot n agad. Tsk

Anonymous said...

also had a bad experience with It will take them months to deliver the item. I placed my order on November 7,2015 for 2 sandisk usb. After a week, i called their landline to for an update on my order, the girl on the phone told me it will take 5-6 weeks, so i agreed. But after 5 weeks, i checked my order status and it's says that the orders are still being processed. So i want to get an update. I e mailed them, texted them, but i didnt receive any response, even their landline is busy, it went on for 3 days. So i decided to check their fb, so i can message or post on their page so that i could get their attention, upon checking their wall, all of the visitor's post where undelivered, unrefunded items, and that the items were received but defective and asked for a replacement but the item took months to replace.

I told myself that I'll just give them the maximum delivery time frame they gave me of 6 week, then, if nothing happens, i 'll just cancel it. But i couldnt wait to get and update so i called on the 20th, a guy answered the phone and told me that the the items i ordered are out of stock. Hell i was mad. If i hadn't called, they wouldnt have informed me about it but i tried to keep my cool and asked the guy if when can my items be restocked and delivered, he said he'll call the logistics team and give me an update. 3 days passed and no updates. So i just cancelled my order and ended up buying in lazada and it took lazada just one week to deliver my items ( why didnt i order from lazada in the first place? Because the price of the usb were cheaper by a hundred (im a cheapskate) but due to lazada's christmas sale, theirs was cheaper pala)

Kenken said...

Wow, it seems their service has gone downhill. The last time I bought items from them was late 2014 or early 2015 I can't remember. One of the items I bought was out of stock (it was cookies), they called to inform me that they had replaced the item. Apparently the delivery was on the way, so I inquired why didn't they informed me earlier and the lady on the phone snapped that the item they replaced it with was of higher value. Geez I was just asking no need to get angry. But the delivery was still fast and I ended up liking the product I got as a replacement so I didn't make a big deal out of it.

I want to try buying again from them to update my post but all the comments here are negative lol so I feel skeptical. Maybe when I have extra money I'll buy stuff from them again just to try

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for almost 2 months, until now I haven't receive anything. better to go Lazada fast and reliable

Jeric said...

Yung order ko nung November 30, 2015 di pa dumadating...


Anonymous said...

nag order ako superhero mask at ibang items pra sa anak ko 2 weeks before ng birthday nya...1 month na,wla pa.nung naka chat ko customer service rep nila,sabi sa akin,it will take 5 - 6 weeks. e bago ako nag place ng order,nasa article nila,outside of manila delivery will only take a max of 2weeks. tapos out of stock na ang naka display sa order ko dahil sa tagal nila mag process.lumipat nalang ako sa lazada,mas mahal presyo,pro maximum of 2 days lang ang na experience kong paghihintay.ung ibang orders ko,the next day hinahatid na...grabe ang mapagkakatiwalaan..mura nga sana,bibitinin ka naman.

Unsatisfied Customer said...

Customer service is horrible and shipping process - I ordered 5 items on Goods.Ph. As of this moment it is running 15days and they have stated on their site if you are within Metro Manila 3-5 Business days. I placed an order last 06/30 and they deduct the charges on my bank and until now I haven't receive any from my orders.

The chat representatives are not customer friendly. You have ranted already what happen and they will ask you to replace it and then they will ask you what is the product that I am replacing it looks like I am talking to an Automated Answering Machine thru chat.

Incredibly experience. Outrageous. I am not recommending this. I am discouraging you. Never ever try to do business on this site. This business is absolutely a GIGANTIC joke with no customer service and no mercy to customers.

What a big shame and I regret placing an order in this website. Wrong move.

Very wrong. Back ofd guys. Don't you ever ever try. Share it to others so you will not be victimize by this fraudulent site.

Liars and misleading site!!!!

Liessa said...

I bought my 1st item with them. Good quality product and the item was delivered right at my door step. More power

Anonymous said...

good delivery time. got my item with in 2 days deliver right at my door step via COD and its free shipping!Keep it up! Two thumbs up!

Anonymous said...

bad experience with I will never order with them again.

Anonymous said...

I think already stopped selling groceries a long time ago.

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