The Adventures of Merlin Season 5 (BBC)

The Adventures of Merlin Season 5 (BBC)

Time really does fly fast. It seems like it wasn't too long ago when I was waiting for the series/season 4 of The Adventures of Merlin to air, so I was pretty shocked to see that the season 5 will be airing in the U.K. on October 6, 2012! Seems that there are a lot of good TV shows coming out this time of the year (Doctor Who is already on its second episode for this season, and The Walking Dead season 3 first episode will also premiere next month).

Anyway, Merlin will be moved to a later time slot, so the atmosphere of the show will be affected. The scenes will probably be mildly sexier. Gwen and Morgana will bare more cleavage (see Gwen's picture above for reference), and more topless scenes for the Knights. While I have no problem with seeing a bit more skin, I'm much more worried about the story line. Julian Murphy, co-creator of the series has said in a newspaper interview that they have to change the tone of the show to fit the increasing adult audience. I'm a bit worried since the setting is around 2-3 years later than season 4, there's no doubt that the characters would have changed in many ways. I am happy to hear that there will be more dragon action this season, and of course the return of Dragoon the Great. Let us all hope that Merlin will finally reveal his magic to Arthur this season.

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