Back to the Cubeture 2

Back to the Cubeture Era 2
It's been a while since I last posted something. The past several months has been great but I'm not here to talk about that. This really incredible game, Back to the Cubeture 2 brought me back from the dead and compelled me to write a blog post today because it's just that GOOD. 

Cuboy, Forest Nymph and Hercusneeze
You play as the ever-friendly Cuboy. An evil cat, Padrino, messed everything up causing the three of you (Cuboy, Padrino, and your Boss) to get time-warped into Cubathens. You need to recover the time warper in order to get back to the present time.

...and he's not in a mood for a party
The voice overs are just amazing. I've never been more entertained playing a flash game in my entire life (considering the fact that this is a point and click game, and I hate using the mouse). I feel that I'm watching a British Futurama/Spongebob mash-up loaded with Excitement Seeds.

X-citement Seeds
It's also a good thing that the game is not frustratingly hard. If it was, I don't think playing it would be as fun (despite the great voice overs). There are also several mini-games throughout the game (which you can also access from the main menu), which range from squishing opponents to armpit hair trimming.

Oh Ship! - Title of one of the six mini-games
Even the soundtrack is crazy good. I used to ignore flash games since most that I've tried just hold my attention for several minutes but not this one. I'm excited to try out the other (older) games in the Cuboy series to see more of Cuboy.

"Oh dear."

Here is the official website of the game:

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