a Google a day - Google+ Game

It has been a while since I blogged about new games in Google+ because I felt like all the new games that came out are similar to each other, and checking them out one by one would feel repetitive. However, I just noticed a new game called 'a Google a day', a trivia game (first on Google+) wherein the objective is to solve the questions using your internet search skills. It may sound easy, but some of the questions are actually quite challenging. 

There are 9 new questions per day, with 3 levels. You must answer correctly 2 questions in a category to advance your level. You could also skip a question once per level. There are six categories available in game: Sports, Science, Pop Culture, Arts & Literature, History and Geography. After beating the 3 levels, you get to spin a wheel to answer a bonus question, wherein you can earn a Power-Up. A Power-Up can be used to lower your time to boost your score. They can be used only once per question. As your game progresses, you also earn badges, which also earns you a Power-Up.

A Google a day is an interesting game, but the game is too short in my opinion (only 9 questions a day!). However, it is still a welcome addition to my list of daily distractions. 
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