ZEBRA Mckee Oil-Based Twin Markers

Zebra Mckee Oil Based Twin Markers

It's an oil-based marker with double ended points (1.3 mm and 0.5 mm) that can write on most surfaces. I bought my 12-set pack online for around 300 php (7 usd), but I saw the black Zebra Mckee Marker on National Bookstore, though I haven't seen any local store selling the whole set. The 12-set pack includes markers in the following hues: black, purple, pink, light brown, orange, sky blue, yellow, blue, green, lime green and red.

1.3 mm point

0.5 mm point

Sample writing

Apart from being able to write in most surfaces (I tested it on wood, plastic and cloth), there's nothing really unusual with these markers. I still think it was a good buy. The colors included in the set are pretty much the basic colors that one would use. It's a twin marker so it's like getting two markers with the price of one. Plus, the set price in of itself is fairly cheap. I would recommend it to students, but not to really young children. Kids tend to write on walls and tables, and it would be probably hard to remove the doodles when you use this. 

Zebra Mckee Oil-Based Twin Markers

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