Lamy Safari Fountain Pen 2012 Limited Edition - Green

Lamy Safari 2012 Limited Edition - Apple Green

(I've read somewhere that the proper term to use would be 'Special Edition' since Lamy doesn't produce a limited amount (say, like a thousand or a hundred) of their special edition pens, but most people call it Limited Edition so I'll just go with that)

My sister just started buying fountain pens recently, and I liked her 2009 limited edition pink Lamy Safari so much, that I bought the 2011 aquamarine Lamy Safari pen myself. Since The Writing Desk is already selling this years limited edition of Lamy Safari, we decided to get the aquamarine (sadly, now sold out on their site) one there as well so we could combine the shipping.

Our Lami Safari fountain pens thus far

I love the color green, heck, my bedroom's wall color is lime green, so I was delighted to see the Lamy Safari green in person. Most of the pictures I see online look darker than it really was, but really it's this cute shade of green (almost like the hex number #70e376).

Ink window and the etched Lamy logo

The design is pretty much the same with last year's limited edition Lamy Safari, with the cap top having a button cross, but different from the previous green limited edition with the a black color on the cap top.

Same button cross cap top design
Here is a sample writing from the 2012 limited edition Lamy Safari with extra fine nib:

Here I used  the cartridge that came with it

I really like Lamy Safari fountain pens. Most people who aren't into pens think that fountain pens are 'fancy'. The Lamy Safari fountain pens look good, but it doesn't look like your grandfather's fountain pen. However, I don't know if it's just me, or the Lamy Safari extra fine nibs aren't really "fine". We have the 1.1 italic nib and an extra fine nib here, but when used and compared side by side, the nibs are quite different. We also have some medium nibs that are too fat for our taste (not pictured here).

Both extra fine nibs
1.1 italic nibs
Both Extra Fine and 1.1 Italic nibs
The first line I wrote with the extra fine nib on the 2012 limited edition Lamy Safari. For the second line, I used my Lamy Vista (spare extra fine nib) with J. Herbin 'Poussiere de Lune' ink. The third and fourth one was written with 1.1 italic nibs and black Lamy cartridge. As you can see, the thickness between the same type of nibs are inconsistent. One would write thin and dry and the other would be a very wet writer. It's not a bad thing, because sometimes I like switching them. They could have produced nibs with consistent output. But overall, I'm really happy with this purchase.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you about the nibs but I love all of my Lamys. Can't wait to get this one!

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