Hainanese Delights

Sadly no pictures. We wolfed down the food the moment we got home and forgot to take a pic!

I love Hainanese Chicken. I would cook it more often, as its recipe isn't really complicated. You just need a bunch of ingredients, and just mainly consists of boiling but it's too time consuming. While paying my groceries at SM Supermarket yesterday, I saw Hainanese Delights from across the cashier and my heart just jumped. When I took a closer look, I was surprised to see that their food is considerably cheap (just 120 php for a serving of Hainan Chicken with rice), plus, they offer unlimited Hainan rice! Too bad it was already late and I live quite far from SM North Edsa that I opted to order a take out instead. 

I ordered two Hainanese Chicken for me and my sister, and was a bit surprised to find the take out container for the chicken placed in a plastic container instead of the usual cardboard/styrofoam box in other fastfood/casual dining restaurants. We were given two servings of three condiments, sweet soy sauce, ginger oil (my favorite!), and chili oil. Their Hainan rice wasn't what I was expecting. It was tasty all right, but it tasted a bit like a dry arroz caldo. Their Hainanese Chicken was ok too, very tender and well-cooked but nothing really extraordinary. Still, at 120 php I think I got a good deal. Will definitely have to be back to try out their other dishes.

Visit their website for more info: http://www.hainanesedelights.ph/
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