Paradise Kiss 2011

I used to really like watching Japanese movies/tv series but after consecutively watching several awful Japanese movies, I kind of lost my interest. I wasn't even aware there was a live action movie version of Paradise Kiss out last year. I decided to watch this one since I enjoyed reading the manga and watching the anime version before. 

While watching the movie, one of my early complaints was the lack of romance between Yukari and George, but near the end of the film, I was glad they made it that way. It made the farewell scene between them all the more sad and heartbreaking. I was a bit bothered by the cheesy music used throughout the film (the anime soundtrack was really good though), as well as the weird catwalk modelling near the end. I'm not really in tune with the fashion world, but Yukari's walk didn't look very professional to me (actually, none of the other models did). Overall, I did have a bit of a good time watching.
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