New Layout and New Content

Several pens that my sister owns. This is just the tip of the iceberg

I decided to use ditch my old blog layout and go with Blogger Dynamic Views instead for something new(ish). I love my old layout but the design has several pitfalls that I can not seem to fix (thumbnails has a tendency to distort pictures, social networking buttons for easy sharing of the posts are not working properly and the script must be added to each post manually, etc). And now I decided to give it a rest.

Also, I would be publishing new content within the next few days, mostly about pens. I've never been really picky with my pens. Also, my handwriting is bad (probably a result of lack of practice). But my sister loves pens, and has a bunch of them. Slowly, her interest in pens rubbed into me, and I'm starting to pay attention to a pens feel, grip, ink, etc. While it's a bit unusual to review and talk about pens in this age of computers, I think it's great subject that not too many people are into.
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