Zombie Lane Holiday Update 2.2.1 (Google+)

I was very surprised when I opened Zombie Lane today as there are a lot of updates. There are loads of new quests, new weapons, new zombies, new locations, even the town in covered in snow!

Here's a list of the updates (taken from the official Zombie Lane forum at Digital Chocolate):

New Features

• A new Adventure Area, Crash Site, is introduced
o When the player reaches level 20, a new mission, CONSPIRACY THEORY I is unlocked
o After this mission is completed, the Crash Site adventure area can be accessed by clicking on the green strip on the left side of the house
o The Crash Site contains a total of 26 missions including the CONSPIRACY THEORY I intro mission
• Two new zombies are introduced
o Hazmat Zombie
o 4 health
o Chance to drop Batteries, Oxygen Tanks or Hazardous Chemicals
o Secret Agent Zombie
o 6 health
o Chance to drop Batteries, Black Suitcases or Smartphones
• Exception: the Secret Agent Zombies spawned on the player’s own gamefield (for the mission CONSPIRACY THEORY I) do not drop any items
• The Crash Site includes a new feature, Darkness
o When the player first enters the adventure area, most of the area is covered by Darkness
o No zombies or objects except the Big Trees can be seen in the Darkness
o The player can’t walk in the Darkness
o Initially a small part of the gamefield is clear of Darkness
o After completing the mission CONSPIRACY THEORY IV the cleared area is expanded
o After completing the mission LET THERE BE LIGHT II he cleared area is expanded a second time
o After these missions the initial light area is no longer changed
• The player can clear parts of Darkness by activating Portable Floodlights
o Portable Floodlights are objects scattered around the gamefield
o Activating a Portable Floodlight requires an amount of Batteries
o Different Portable Floodlights can require different amounts of Batteries
o All zombies on the Crash Site have a chance to drop Batteries
o From the Activate the Floodlight pop-up, batteries can also be requested from friends or bought with Cash
o When the Portable Floodlight is activated, all Darkness is cleared from a radius of 15 tiles around the Portable Floodlight

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