New Google Plus Games + Major Google UI Update

Bug Village

Gol Mania

A lot of things happened this week. Google Plus added two more games in their arsenal, Bug Village and Gol Mania. Also, Google rolled out their new UI this week. Not everybody is using the new interface yet, as Google plans to slowly make the new UI available to everyone. Ok! I'll start dissecting everything now.

Bug Village is a casual city building game, where you get to build and manage a colony of bugs. What really impressed me was the 3d graphics, which looks really sophisticated. You do have to download a small file (around 20mb) when you first try out the game, but it's worth it.

Gol Mania is a soccer game, where you get to play with other users in real time. I'm not a big sports fan, so I'm not really excited to try out the game. Plus, I had trouble connecting to the game because of my 'slow connection', and was advised to close other tabs or stop downloading. While it's reasonable, I didn't have any trouble playing other online games whilst browsing the net and downloading something, so it's a bit of a bummer.

Moving on to the new Google UI....

I have mixed emotions on this. At first, I thought the G+ black bar looks kind of bland, but it's functionality won me over. After scrolling down the bottom of the page, I can just click on the black bar to take me again on the top. With the new interface, clicking on the gray space with the Google logo on it will still take you to the top of the page. The new drop down feature looks good. It kinda feels like an OS.

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