The Godfather: Five Families - Now in Google+!

The Godfather: Five Families

Inspired by one of the most iconic films in history, The Godfather Five Families game is now available in Google+! It was developed by Kabam, which brought us other social games like Edgeworld and Dragons of Atlantis. 

You get to choose to play one of the Five Families, the Corleones, the Tattaglias, the Barzinis, the Cuneos, and the Straccis. I was about to choose the Corleones but it doesn't have a 7 day resource boost, unlike the other families. Maybe it's to prevent most of the players to choose the Corleones? Anyway, whatever family you choose, it won't really affect your gameplay much (except for the initial boost). I'm not a stranger to other Kabam games, but I did find the interface a bit confusing though the gameplay is very much similar to their other games. The graphics, while not the best, is still pretty good.

I'm not sure if this game would be able to capture a lot of users' interest for long. 
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