Gardens of Time now available at Google+ Games

If you're like me and tired of all the 'build-a-city' games, then you'll be glad to know that Gardens of Time, a hidden object game is now available at Google+!

Of course it still retains some of the basic elements of a social game. You spend energy on playing different scenes and you need to pimp your garden to gain more 'reputation' to unlock places. Even if you repeatedly play a scene, there are one or two new items to find so you probably won't get that bored right away.

With everything said, I'm pretty much happy with this addition. Looking forward to more games to be added soon!
hidden movie game for android said...

I do love playing,I simply truly wish they would fix the problems.To start with dispose of the irritating pop up ads.Why do you require them?To fund the app?Wouldn't on the off chance that you fixed the bugs.Second fix the crystals.Have.It possessed the capacity to earn any since you assumed control.Third make it less demanding to discover neighbors once more.
@Linda Smith.

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