3 New Games at Google+

There are 3 new games at Google+! They have added 8 Ball Multiplayer Pool, Backyard Monsters and GT Racing Motor Academy. This is probably one of the most exciting additions to me so far. I've been waiting for more casual games - since you could only play a certain number of strategy/build-a-city games before you get sick of them. So I'm really happy they added pool and racing!

However, my experience with the games aren't so smooth.

In 8 Ball Multiplayer Pool, you can play with random players or you can choose to play with your friends.

My problem is, you can't automatically see people in your circles that are online. You have to search their  names  :(

And you can't chat! There are pre-loaded phrases that you can use. Just click the speech bubble on your icon.

I was particularly very excited on trying GT Racing Motor Academy, but the game won't load D:

I am using the latest version of Chrome :(
My system is configured for optimal playing... apart from the video card :(

Must have been my video card, since I'm using an onboard one, but I can play other games just fine on this PC (Sims 3, Lord of the Rings Online, Sims Medieval etc.), so I can't wrap my brain around why it won't work here. Is sad.

Backyard Monsters seems like another 'build-a-city' game, so I didn't bother to delve on it too much.

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