How to make your Google+ Gaming easier

When Google+ started to offer games, one feature that I would really like for them to add was to see game notifications and game stream updates separately for each game. After a while, it was tiring trying to sift through the game stream to click notifications for the games that I play, since it is inevitable to get notifications for games that I don't play that other people in my circles do. So I was really thankful when someone in my circle shared this Chrome extension, G+ Game Companion. It truly made my gaming experience in Google+ easier.

I have been using it for a while now, and I can't even remember when I installed it. Moments ago, I was curious on how many users this Chrome extension has, and was really surprised to see only around 2000 users. Believe me when I say this Chrome extension is really, really handy. Of course you'll need to use Google Chrome browser in order to install this extension.

G+ Game Companion Chrome Extension on the Chrome Web Store
Download Google Chrome Browser

 Have fun playing!
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