Why I love Google Plus

About a week before my birthday, I got an invite to join Google+. I signed up for it, but I admit I wasn't on the site often because not a lot of people that I personally know are using it. I had just started going frequently on the site when they launched games, but it didn't took me long to realize how much I actually love using Google+.


You know how your news feed on Facebook tends to be cluttered with games/app stories from your friends? I've blocked a lot of apps to minimize the clutter on my news feed, but the games/apps that I use still take much space on the news feed. On Google+, game posts are found under the games page, so your main stream isn't bombarded with game feeds.


Sure you can categorize your 'friends' in other social networking sites but Google+ made sharing content and adding people into different circles for its users such a breeze. Adding people into a circle can be done with a single click. And when you want to add a person into multiple circles, you just have to drag and drop.


Content from the people in your circles are also separated by circle in the stream. You can follow or add loads of people like celebrities or public figures in your 'Following' circle or add random people into a circle for a specific G+ game without worrying that their posts would 'drown' content from family and real life friends (because you can add them to a specific circle too). Another feature in the stream that I also really like is 'incoming'. Posts from people who added you in a circle but you haven't added back will show up there.


I don't know why, but so far the people I've added on my circles has been amazing. This is the first time I felt a true sense of community with strangers on a social networking site (apart from online forums).


I think because Google+ is relatively new, Google is still all ears on what the users have to say. Minor updates to improve the Google+ experience has all been a delight so far. Even the sending feedback is really good (as it automatically takes a screenshot on a page that you have a problem/suggestion with and the option to highlight or blackout a specific area). And of course, I love Google for coming up with Google+!
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