Nong Shim Chajang Chapagetti

I've always wanted to try how Chajangmyun (Jjajangmyun) tastes like. I've been meaning to go to a Korean restaurant to try authentic Chajangmyun but it looks like I won't be able to go restaurant hopping for a while. I went to the mall yesterday to buy new books to read and to do some grocery shopping and I was very happy to see a packet of Nong Shim Chajang Chapagetti (somehow, the word Chapagetti never fails to bring a grin to my face) alongside my favorite Korean instant noodles (Shin Ramyun), so I bought one.

I decided to eat Chapagetti for dinner. It didn't tasted like how I imagined it would be. The taste was so much milder than I expected. I always thought it would be a bit saltier and would have a strong, pork flavor (since I was watching a few video instructions on how to cook Chajangmyun before, and on all the recipes I've watched they all have pork on it). I clearly remember the older packaging marked it as 'vegetarian' even though it has a "protein source". I think they've removed the vegetarian label but I've seen some newer packaging that has the certified Halal mark. It's not widely distributed so if you don't want pork make sure you keep purchase the right one (I saw someone selling these online in my country, and it's almost twice the price of the regular Chapagetti).

Overall, I still enjoyed eating it (but probably because I was starving yesterday since I had din-dins waaay much past my usual dinnertime). I was hoping the price of Chapagetti would go down a bit, maybe I'll buy it more often.
Nia said...

Hi. Can you tell me where you found out that it was a vegetarian product? I recently bought this Chapaghetti and later i found that it contains pork. (I don't eat pork so I'm being really careful when I'm eating) But it would be helpful if you could tell me if it's real that it doesn't containt any meat. Thank you! :)

Kenken said...

Hi there. I distinctly remember it says 'vegetarian' on the packaging, but it has been 5 years so maybe they changed it up or removed it. However upon researching it seems it actually has meat in the first place. I can't read Korean but from what Google Translate tells me, some person called Nong Shim's customer service line to confirm if there is pork in it, he/she was told that the meat flakes were made from soy protein but somehow also didn't deny or confirm if there is actually pork in it and went as far as saying that the law only requires them to list at least 5 most used ingredients in the product (implying that they're not required to say if they used artificial or real pork in the product)

Unknown said...

Hi. I've bought chapaghetti recently and found out they have pork in the ingredients. I can read a bit korean and can confirm they have pork.

Anonymous said...

So it is the flakes that contains the pork?

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