New and Improved Solitaire on OMGPOP!

Yay for more space!

I made quick comments about the Solitaire game on OMGPOP more than a month ago here.

I'm so glad to say that the issue that I had with the game is now modified! You can now close the chat window, leaving ample space for the cards! I'm not sure if it's just me though, but the cards look kinda blurry.

Here's the full list of the modifications done by OMGPOP with Solitaire (taken from the official thread in the OMGPOP forums)

-You now actually get some XP for winning a game!
-You can now close chat using the X right above it, if you want to feel really alone.
-Cards should now use up more of the open space on the screen, making them easier to read. Especially when chat is closed.
-At the end of a game, you are now prompted with starting a new game.
-The fancy effects are off by default. Now your computer won't get a heart attack.
-Also some other minor bug fixes that you probably won't notice. It's okay, we'll get over it.

If you don't have an account on OMGPOP yet, go sign up! It's fun and it's free!
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